Live updates: NRL - NZ Warriors v North Queensland Cowboys from Townsville's Queensland Country Bank Stadium

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Warriors 26     Cowboys 12    


Into the final minute. Fonua-Blake is tackled and takes his sweet time to play the ball.

Sironen takes the next, and Tevaga takes another as the siren goes.

Game over.

What a win!

80 mins

Holmes has a chance after he's put through by Dearden - but loses the ball in the tackle!

The Cowboys' attack has fallen apart in this second half.

Warriors scrum.

79 mins

Dearden goes to the air, and Montoya drops it. The call is knock-on against Montoya, and the Warriors challenge, because why not?

Challenge unsuccessful, so Cowboys scrum.

78 mins

Warriors scrum after a Cowboys knock-on. 

Niukore carries towards halfway, as does Fonua-Blake who crosses into Cowboys territory.

Tevaga carries over the 30. Martin kicks on the last, but Feldt gets up and takes it safely.

75 mins

Townsend kicks on the last inside the Warriors' 10, but Ale leaps through the air and claims it!

That should seal it! There won't be enough time for the Cowboys to score three times.

74 mins

The Warriors just need to close this out. Johnson kicks on the last, and plugs the corner as the Cowboys restart again.

Penalty given away though, and the Cowboys can kick downfield.

72 mins

Tuaupiki defuses a bomb after the Cowboys' set. Sironen is playing dummy half with Egan off.

Fonua-Blake carries the ball over the 30 on the fifth, before Johnson kicks on the last.

Feldt spills it, but it goes backwards.

Cowboys restart...

70 mins

Cowboys restart. Cotter runs - but loses the ball in the tackle after a short ball! 

Great defence again!

70 mins

Mitch Barnett has been ruled out of the rest of the game, as the Cowboys restart with a scrum.

Taumalolo runs and smashes into Egan - who looks in real trouble here as play is stopped. 

Egan limps from the field, that should be the end of his night as well.

69 mins

Tuaupiki feeds the scrum, but loses the ball out the back! 

What can the Cowboys do here? Townsend kicks on the fifth, but Montoya defuses it.

Vailea makes a mistake in the next set though, and the Cowboys apply more pressure!

67 mins

The Warriors go through the hands as Montoya runs to the 20 inside the Cowboys' half. 

Niukore goes further forward. Johnson runs and passes, but hits Nanai in an offside position.

Another set incoming.

66 mins

Shibasaki comes up with an error with Vailea in his face. The Warriors' defence and fitness is a different level this season.

That'll be a scrum.

64 mins

Vailea takes the first tackle of the next set, Walker the second. Tevaga goes hard on the third to reach halfway, as Sironen takes the fourth.

Harris goes into the 30 on the fifth, Johnson kicks on the last, but Taulagi does brilliantly to take it in the air.

63 mins

Townsend and Dearden send the Cowboys right, as Johnson makes the tackle.

Martin gets up out of the line to smash Dearden. Chester goes at the line, but Pompey and Egan tackle him short.

Townsend goes to the air on the last, Nanai goes up for it, but so does Tuaupiki - and forces him dead. We'll check with the bunker, but no try is the call.

No try it is, brilliant from Tuaupiki.

61 mins

Martin gives away a penalty against Shibasaki, and the Cowboys restart.

The Cowboys get inside the 10, before Shibasaki goes for the line on the fourth.

They'll check with the bunker, but he's dropped it in the grounding. 

But there's an offside call against the Warriors in the build-up, so penalty for the Cowboys.

59 mins

The Warriors carry into the Cowboys' half, as Johnson kicks on the last - straight to Chester.

58 mins - TRY WARRIORS

Ale takes the first tackle, Harris the second to get closer to the line.

Walker goes, but he's tackled. Martin goes - and he finds Montoya again, and he scores his second with a dive into the corner! 

Johnson lines up the kick that would open up a 16-point lead. Wide on the left, crowd giving him grief, but misses to the right.

WAR 26 COW 12

56 mins

Barnett leaves the field, not sure if that's for an HIA or not, though. Niukore replaces him.

Johnson finds touch for the restart. Harris takes the ball to the line, but the Cowboys are called for offside as Sironen loses the ball.

The Cowboys are furious, but it's another set for the Warriors.

55 mins

Townsend kicks down to Tuaupiki, and the Warriors start again inside their half. 

Kosi and Pompey take the ball over halfway, before Barnett takes the fifth.

He's stayed down hurt, though, looks like a shot to the throat. Shibasaki has fallen on Barnett's head - and that's a penalty for the Warriors.

Shibasaki is put on report for the second time tonight.

53 mins

Johnson has stayed down hurt, it looks like he clashed with Pompey. He's going to continue though.

Vailea and Barnett take the first two tackles, before Vailea goes again on the third. Martin goes back to the right, as Walker tries to break the line.

The Warriors win a set restart, before Martin is clobbered by Shibasaki. Ale carries to the 10, as Harris nearly slips Walker through. The Cowboys hold. 

Sironen goes so close, but then they go to Tuaupiki! He's tackled short on the fifth. 

Martin runs on the last, and throws a huge speculator out to Montoya, but he's tackled to end the set.

The Cowboys are being tested.

51 mins

Tuaupiki carries to halfway on the fourth of the next set, before Johnson kicks on the last.

Taulagi and Holmes combine, but Robson loses the ball under Egan's tackle!

The Cowboys challenge the call, but it goes the Warriors' way!

50 mins - TRY WARRIORS

Walker carries the ball inside the Cowboys' half, as Tom Ale takes his first tackle after coming on. 

Johnson runs on the fifth, before they go right to Tuaupiki.

Tuaupiki finds Pompey, who bumps off Holmes takes three more defenders with him - and nearly loses his jersey - before offloading to Kosi, and he scores in the corner! 

Can Johnson convert for a 10-point lead? Wide from the right, and he does!

WAR 22 COW 12

46 mins

The Cowboys are on the Warriors' line, as Montoya races out to smash Shibasaki on the last and turn it over.

Great defence.

Montoya then wins a penalty against Chester to give the Warriors some front foot ball.

45 mins

Johnson kicks deep on the last, and Feldt does well to take it running backwards.

Taulagi wins a penalty against Egan - who has passed his HIA and is back on the field.

44 mins

Johnson runs on the last, before Martin puts the bomb up, straight to Chester.

Townsend kicks straight to Tuaupiki on the fifth, and he does well.

Both young fullbacks having good games tonight.

43 mins

Straight away, Walker gives away a penalty on Hess. Cleverly milked by the Cowboys forward, in all honesty.

The Cowboys restart as Neame carries inside the Warriors' half. Dearden runs on the last, but is tackled to hand possession over.

41 mins

We're back for the second 40. Johnson will kick off to get us back underway.


Townsend kicks on the last as the siren goes. Tuaupiki fumbles, but Montoya cleans up.

That's halftime, and the Warriors lead.

39 mins

Warriors scrum. Walker will fill in at hooker with Egan off the field. 

Montoya takes the first tackle after the scrum, Fonua-Blake the second. 

Barnett takes the ball to the 40, Tevaga carries over halfway on the fifth.

Johnson kicks on the last, but Taulagi takes it safely.

38 mins

Holmes is tackled to save a try, but the Cowboys are close. 

Tevaga tackles Neame, and he loses the ball! Warriors ball.

Egan is sent for a concussion test. Fingers crossed he comes back, but he looks shaky.

37 mins

Townsend kicks on the last, and Montoya drops it.

The referee calls knock-on, but it clearly went backwards. To make things worse, 'Sweet Caroline' is now playing.

The Cowboys have a scrum and the chance to retake the lead before the break.

36 mins

Walker takes the first tackle after the restart, Harris the second. Barnett carries over the 30, as Montoya gets to the 40 on the fourth.

Johnson kicks on the fifth, but Chester is flawless under it.

36 mins - TRY WARRIORS

The Cowboys lose the ball, so the Warriors have a fresh set inside the Cowboys' half. 

Niukore has stayed down hurt after copping a shoulder from Holmes, so play is stopped. He's up on his feet again, and we can restart.

Johnson nearly slips Barnett through inside the 10. Tevaga goes on the next - and he scores!

Welcome back Jazz Tevaga! The Warriors lead for the first time!

That's a huge try for Jazz, and for former Junior Warrior Roman Tuhimata. Every try Tevaga scores this season will raise money for his best mate, battling cancer.

Johnson lands the conversion!

WAR 16 COW 12 

33 mins

Warriors restart. Martin kicks on the last, and Chester takes his time gathering before being smashed. 

Townsend kicks on the last, Tuaupiki makes no mistake. He goes on a run before he's tackled shy of the 40. 

Montoya carries into the Cowboys' half, as Pompey goes up to the 30.

Tevaga goes up the middle on the fifth. Niukore kicks on the last, but it trickles dead.

31 mins - TRY WARRIORS

Dearden kicks on the Cowboys' last, but it's straight into touch looking for a 40-20.

The Warriors will restart on the Cowboys' 40. Walker takes the first, Tevaga the second and makes good metres.

Johnson and Martin go right, but Vailea is tackled. Tuaupiki finds Johnson, who goes on a run before being tackled on the fourth.

They go right on the fifth - Martin goes to Montoya with a cutout pass, and he dives for the corner and scores! Great finish!

Huge kick for Johnson on the left touchline, but he hits the post!

WAR 10 COW 12

26 mins

Townsend kicks on the last, straight to Montoya who takes the tackle. Kosi does the same with the second, and carries over the 30.

Tuaupiki takes the ball to halfway on the fourth, and Egan goes from dummy half on the fifth.

Johnson kicks on the last, but Feldt is safe under it.

25 mins

The Warriors restart, and Barnett somehow slips Martin away down the left wing?

Walker carries inside the 20, as Niukore gets to the 10. They win a set restart, as Tevaga goes closer, as does Walker.

Egan goes at the line, but he's tackled on the third. Johnson nearly slips Tuaupiki through, but he's tackled.

Johnson goes on the fifth, but he's tackled. Martin gets the ball on the last - but he spills it!

Wasted chance for the Warriors.

23 mins

Egan gives away a penalty after the restart, and the Cowboys can go downfield.

Neame carries into the Warriors' half on the second, as Hess goes over the 30. 

Cotter drops it cold on the fifth, though.

21 mins

Townsend kicks on the Cowboys' last, straight to Montoya who takes the hitup.

Kosi takes the second tackle, Pompey the third. Harris takes the fourth, and Niukore makes good ground on the fifth. 

Johnson runs on the last, and finds Montoya, who offloads to no one, but the Cowboys spill it!

The Warriors have a fresh set on the Cowboys' line.

Barnett and Pompey both take tackles on the line. Johnson hits Harris with a short ball - but he drops it!

Harris would have scored there!

18 mins

The Warriors win a penalty, against Shibasaki, who goes on report.

Vailea takes the first tackle, Fonua-Blake the second. Harris takes the third.

The Warriors go through the hands, as Martin slips Montoya through! Montoya's close, but he's tackled on the line as the Cowboys get back.

Niukore struggles in possession and the Warriors lose momentum.

Johnson kicks on the last, but Chester beats Walker in the chase.

16 mins

Johnson kicks off again, straight to Townsend as McLean takes the first tackle. 

Cotter nearly breaks on the third, but is tackled. The Cowboys go left to Taulagi. Kosi comes out of the line looking for an intercept, but leaves a huge hole for Taulagi to slip through.

The Cowboys break down the left, but Egan gets across to save a try on Cotter.

Dearden kicks on the last, but Tuaupiki covers in goal to save it.

15 mins - TRY COWBOYS

Martin looks in trouble with his arm, that could be a break. 

The Cowboys go right, Townsend kicks on the last. Chester gets up and wins it, and offloads to Robson - who slips right through and scores under the posts.

Shocking defending from the Warriors, they went to sleep after the kick.

Holmes to kick from in front, again. He makes no mistake.

WAR 6 COW 12

12 mins

Taulagi carries into the Warriors' half on the fourth, before Townsend kicks on the fifth - and Tuaupiki does brilliantly under pressure to take it!

Johnson kicks deep on the last, straight to Chester, though.

11 mins

Holmes kicks off to restart, and Tuaupiki takes it cleanly before Afoa takes the first tackle.

Fonua-Blake takes the second, Barnett the third. Egan tries to slip Martin away on the fourth, but the Cowboys read it. 

Johnson kicks on the last, and the Cowboys have possession.

10 mins - TRY WARRIORS

Kosi is driven back in the first tackle, before Barnett smashes the line on the fourth.

Fonua-Blake carries to the 40m line, and wins a set restart. Harris carries into the Cowboys' half, before Martin nearly splits the line. 

Harris puts Fonua-Blake into a gap! He offloads to Egan - and he scores under the posts! Try confirmed, Egan's third of the season!

Johnson to convet from right in front, and does.


7 mins

Less than ideal start for the Warriors. Johnson kicks off to restart.

Robson runs from dummy half and breaks again, before he's tackled. Taumalolo offloads to put Robson away again, as the Cowboys cross halfway.

Dearden kicks on the fifth, the ball bounces off Pompey, but not played at.

Holmes gets to the ball, but he's tackled to end the set.

6 mins - TRY COWBOYS

Cowboys restart, Shibasaki takes the first tackle. They go from right to left as Taumalolo goes tackled, but wins a set restart.

Cotter goes, and appears to be unhurt. Robson nearly breaks the line, but Egan ends the threat.

The Cowboys go right, all the way to Feldt but he's tackled.

Townsend kicks on the last, and the ball hits the upright. Egan gets up to try and claim it, but the bounce undoes him and Tuaupiki.

Chester scrambles and gets there first to score the opener for his first try in the NRL.

Holmes to convert, and does.


3 mins

Townsend kicks on the Cowboys' last, straight to Tuaupiki for his first run.

Cotter has stayed down hurt for the Cowboys. 

Kosi carries into the Cowboys' half, before Barnett takes the fourth.

Johnson kicks on the fifth, and Feldt beats Montoya in the air to save the danger.

The Cowboys win a penalty for a high tackle.

1 min

Afoa takes the first tackle, Niukore the second. 

Fonua-Blake the third and Harris the fourth. Barnett takes the fifth, as Johnson kicks on the last.

Rookie fullback Chester takes it without issue for the Cowboys.


We're away as Townsend kicks off in Townsville.


Tohu Harris leads the side out on his 200th NRL appearance. 

Jason Taumalolo leads the Cowboys out of the sheds not long after.

Kick-off incoming.


A late change for the Warriors, Viliami Vailea has come into the side for Brayden Wiliame, otherwise it's the same 17 named earlier in the week.

NZ Warriors: 1-Taine Tuaupiki, 2-Ed Kosi, 4-Adam Pompey, 18-Viliami Vailea, 5-Marcelo Montoya, 6-Te Maire Martin, 7-Shaun Johnson, 8-Addin Fonua-Blake, 9-Wayde Egan, 10-Bunty Afoa, 11-Mitchell Barnett, 12-Marata Niukore, 13-Tohu Harris (c)

Interchange: 14-Dylan Walker, 16-Bayley Sironen, 17-Tom Ale, 22-Jazz Tevaga


Good evening, we're about 10 minutes away from kick-off in Townsville.

Both sides are going through their final warm-ups, so stay tuned!


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of this NRL round three encounter, as North Queensland Cowboys host NZ Warriors at Townsville's Queensland Country Bank Stadium.

Despite last week's defeat to Sydney Roosters, the Warriors have made an impressive start to life under new coach Andrew Webster. The Kiwi side sit eighth on the ladder, courtesy of a points differential of exactly zero.

However, the Warriors have been forced into changes after finishing last week's defeat as the walking wounded.

Taine Tuaupiki, 23, comes in at fullback for his NRL debut in place of Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad as the most notable replacement, while Jackson Ford and Josh Curran are also out injured.

Tonight's clash is a special one for Warriors skipper Tohu Harris, who plays his 200th NRL match

The Cowboys' lineup meanwhile features more than one former Warrior, captained by halfback Chad Townsend, and with Jamayne Taunoa-Brown to come off the bench. 

Utility back Peta Hiku is another ex-Warrior on the Cowboys' books, but is suspended for tonight's clash.

So far this season, the Cowboys are also 1-1 - and have started with a win over Canberra Raiders, and loss to Brisbane Broncos.

These two sides boast an even three wins apiece from their last six games, however the Cowboys took a comfortable 48-4 win in their last meeting, back in August 2022.

TAB odds: Warriors $3.45, Cowboys $1.29


NZ Warriors: 1-Taine Tuaupiki, 2-Ed Kosi, 3-Brayden Wiliame, 4-Adam Pompey, 5-Marcelo Montoya, 6-Te Maire Martin, 7-Shaun Johnson, 8-Addin Fonua-Blake, 9-Wayde Egan, 10-Bunty Afoa, 11-Mitchell Barnett, 12-Marata Niukore, 13-Tohu Harris (c)

Interchange: 14-Dylan Walker, 16-Bayley Sironen, 17-Tom Ale, 22-Jazz Tevaga

North Queensland Cowboys: 1-Tom Chester, 2-Kyle Feldt, 3-Valentine Holmes, 4-Gehamat Shibasaki, 5-Murray Taulagi, 6-Tom Dearden, 7-Chad Townsend (c), 8-Jordan McLean, 9-Reece Robson, 10-Reuben Cotter, 11-Coen Hess, 12-Jeremiah Nanai, 13-Jason Taumalolo

Interchange: 14-Jake Granville, 15-Griffin Neame, 16-Jamayne Taunoa-Brown, 17-Heilum Loki