NBA: Kiwi Steven Adams warned Memphis Grizzlies teammate Ja Morant before gun incident

Ja Morant and Steven Adams.
Ja Morant and Steven Adams. Photo credit: Getty Images

Kiwi Steven Adams' attempt to reign in troubled Memphis Grizzlies teammate Ja Morant has been revealed, after the NBA star was suspended.

Colorado police are investigating an Instagram video that shows Morant brandishing a gun, which has seen the young point guard suspended by his team and taking an indefinite break from basketball.

Morant is no stranger to controversy, previously involved in on and off-court altercations in his three-year NBA career.

But veteran Adams apparently called Morant out for his actions in a players' only meeting, before the gun incident at Denver.

Memphis are currently the second seeds in the Western Conference, but their terrible record away from home has been credited to outside distractions in visiting cities.

According to leading NBA journalist Shams Charnia, Adams targeted Morant about the team's behaviour outside Memphis.

"I'm told there was a players-only meeting recently, where Steven Adams, their veteran centre, spoke out about how the team needs to show better discipline on the road… how they need to stay away from going out," Charnia told NBACentral.

"When they are on the road, this team is 12-20. They're stellar at home, but that's a poor road record.

Steven Adams confronts NFL legend Shannon Sharpe during an NBA game.
Steven Adams confronts NFL legend Shannon Sharpe during an NBA game. Photo credit: Sky Sport

"I'm told those in the room, when Steven Adams spoke out, knew exactly who he was directing this to - it was no-one other than Ja Morant."

Charmia claims Morant's latest indiscretion, which came after Adams' warning, raises doubts over his future.

"Was the gun his? Did he have a license? Was he travelling with the gun? Where did the gun come from? Was it a friend's? How many other weapons were there? 

"Is it even legal to carry a weapon in the area that they were at?

"There are a lot of questions that not only local authorities, [but] the league need answered."

In the absence of both Morant and injured Adams, the Grizzlies fell to a 135-129 defeat to Los Angeles Clippers on Monday.