Athletics: Dutch runner Sifan Hassan nearly hit by motorbike en route to incredible London Marathon victory

A Dutch runner has defied the odds to claim a historic win in the London Marathon.

Not many people can say they've won a marathon, let alone at their first attempt, but Sifan Hassan can, despite having to stop several times with injury and nearly getting taken out by a motorcycle.

Overcome with emotion, Hassan, 30, broke down in tears - and not for the first time.

"I was crying this morning," she said. "Why [do] I do these things to myself?

"Why do I say, 'I'm going to run a marathon?' What is wrong with me?"

A fair question, considering Hassan won Olympic gold in the 5000m and 10,000m at Tokyo.

The Ethiopian-born runner's motivation was simply to see if she could simply finish a marathon, but an hour in, it wasn't looking good. Hassan needed to stop several times and revealed she'd battled a hip injury for the last week.

"I told my physio I wanted to tape it before and I forgot this morning."

No tape, no trouble, as Hassan defied the mounting odds and predictions of those watching on.

"Hassan has managed to get herself back in that group - here's me saying she should probably drop out," said one commentator. "Probably the worst call ever."

Some would argue it was, although she almost became her own worst enemy and showed her inexperience with a run across the road, where she was nearly taken out by a motorcyclist.

The next manoeuvre she made would be a successful one and the comeback was complete.

"I just don't know how to explain it," she said. "Olympic champion, [now] I'm London Marathon champion. 

"The marathon of my dreams. I will never forget this in my life, I will never forget it."

Who knows, Hassan's first might not be her last.