Boxing: Kiwi Olympian Alexis Pritchard on mission to combat lack of female participation in sports

Olympic and Commonwealth Games boxer Alexis Pritchard is sharing her story in the hope of encouraging others to get moving.

She is leading a new project launched by the New Zealand Olympic Committee, aimed at combating an alarming statistic.

Pritchard went back to school today - not to learn, but to teach. It's part of a new NZOC program called 'Game Changers'.

Created to combat research showing female sporting participation drops alarmingly during the teenage years which has a negative impact on physical and mental health.

The reasons why that's happening are endless.

"Motivation, lack of time, conscious of their body image, uniforms things like that," NZOC education manager Anna Ready said.

Pritchard is determined to eliminate those stereotypes, one school at a time, with interactive sessions, and sharing her own experience of walking into a boxing gym for the first time at 19.

"That was about finding confidence and finding self esteem and when I found that, I was like 'I want more of it', so I kept going after the physical activity, it completely changed my life.

Two Commonwealth Games, a bronze medal, and an Olympics later, her story is motivating others.

"This talk has really inspired me to keep going and push through everything," one child said.

"I play basketball, it's really fun and my dream is definitely to become a professional," another said.

And it all starts with moving, as little, or as much as you like.

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