Netball: Silver Ferns legends eye indoor success in tri-series against Australia, South Africa

The Silver Ferns may have come home from the Netball World Cup empty-handed, but another tournament at Brisbane may give Kiwi fans something to cheer about.

The indoor netball tri-series between New Zealand, Australia and South Africa has got underway, with a group of Ferns greats leading the charge, eager to see if they've still got it.  

They might be netball legends, but even they are out of their comfort zone.

"It's all a bit new to me," former Ferns defender Casey Kopua told Newshub. "I've never played indoor netball before... ever."

New Zealand are about to take part in the tri-series, with a game known for its fast-paced action. The team includes a wide range of skilled athletes, including former Silver Ferns Kopua, Anna Harrison and Jody Brown.

"Its like stepping back into your comfort zone," said Brown. "You've got your teammates, you're all working together and all trying to achieve the same goal." 

That goal is to bring home the over-30s mixed trophy and they should have a good chance, with the three former Ferns bringing a wealth of experience to the team, but for Kopua, it's not just about winning. 

Despite having no regrets about hanging up the black dress four years ago, she admits retirement can be bittersweet .  

"When you do stop, you do miss that competitive aspect and you miss gameday," she said. "The mind is very willing, but the body sometimes can't do it - well, a lot of the time you can't do it - so it's just cool to be back part of a group." 

Jody Brown in action for the Silver Ferns.
Jody Brown in action for the Silver Ferns. Photo credit: Photosport

Being mixed, the team is half male, with players hoping it will help break down barriers surrounding the mens game. 

"I do believe there is still a long way to go to terms of opportunities and exposure, but its all about starting the conversation," said Matt Watene. "I think the conversation has started." 

For now, the focus is on the task at hand, which is coming home with a trophy.

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