Live updates: Supercars Championship - Bathurst 1000 at Mount Panorama

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Top Five

1 Van Gisbergen/Stanaway

2 Kostecki/Russell

3 De Pasquale/D'Alberto

4 Mostert/Holdsworth

5 Reynolds/Tander

Last lap - Shane van Gisbergen is a very easy winner of the Bathurst 1000, as he prepares to leave for the NASCAR circuit. This result will also help his bid to defend his Supercars crown, as makes up big points on championship leader Brodie Kostecki.

You beauty!

Lap 159/161 - SVG's team are preparing a lapboard in case they lose radio contact in the last couple of laps. If that's the worst that can happen, so be it.

Lap 158/161 - Just three laps remaining and van Gisbergen is just cruising to victory. His margin is now 24 seconds.

Lap 156/161 - Hazelwood has been shown a black flag back in 22nd, which will see him out of the race.

Lap 154/161 - SVG is still 23 seconds clear of Kostecki, who was the polesitter for this race. Only three safety cars today, compared to eight and six in the previous two years. 

Lap 153/161 - Van Gisbergen is still clocking high 2m 08s, which indicates his problem isn't that major for now.

Lap 152/161 - SVG is complaining about something amiss with his steering. His team are telling him to nurse it home, but he's still quicker than Kostecki.

Lap 151/161 - Feeney is close to tears in the pits, as he watches his teammate drive to victory.

Lap 149/161 - SVG pits for the last time, with four new tyres waiting and about 30 seconds of fuel to load. He emerges 26 seconds clear of Kostecki, so he should be safe from here.

Lap 148/161 - Van Gisbrgen stays out another lap.

Lap 147/161 - Kostecki is losing time to DePasquale, as SVG prepares to pit.

Lap 146/161 - Kostecki pits for the last time and they applied some tape to bold down that gear mount. He's still seven seconds clear of De Pasquale for second, now awaiting SVG's last stop.

Lap 145/161 - SVG has 16 seconds on Kostecki.

Lap 144/161 - De Pasquale pits for the last time - he's in third right now and retains that position from Mostert.

Lap 143/161 - Mostert retakes Reynolds for fourth. Feeney re-enters the race, but the problem remains.

Lap 142/161 - Red Bull now slightly worried that SVG may experience the same problem as Feeney late in the race. Not good news.

Lap 141/161 - SVG stretches his lead to 13.5 seconds. Reynolds is now back in the top five, after Mostert pits.

Lap 140/161 - Feeney's problem seems to be the gear mounting that let Craig Lowndes down earlier in the race.

Lap 139/161 - SVG now 12 seconds ahead of Kostecki, who is also wrestling a steering problem. They both have another stop before the end.

Lap 138/161 - Apparently some kind of steering problem with Kostecki too, so events conspiring in SVG's favour.

Lap 137/161 - Feeney has slowed dramatically, complaining of some kind of engine failure. He pits and that will be his race - SVG has command now.

Lap 135/161 - SVG is now closing on some of the backmarkers, so he may get held up here. Feeney is 4.3 seconds behind, but has a two-second fuel advantage at the next stop.

Lap 134/161 - Brown pits for the last time and emerges in 18th. Mostert moves into the top five.

Lap 133/161 - Feeney is now just 4.2 seconds behind SVG and probably doesn't need as much fuel at their last stop, so the margins are very fine.

Lap 131/161 - Kostecki passes Reynolds to stay in contention, but still several seconds down on the Red Bull team. Reynolds pits to change those tyres.

Lap 130/161 - Feeney moves past Reynolds, but is still five seconds behind teammate SVG with 30 laps remaining.

Lap 128/161 - Feeney continues to whittle away at SVG, but now has Reynolds between them, which may cost him ground.

Lap 127/161 - SVG is now right on Reynolds... and takes the lead back.

Lap 126/161 - Reynolds' tyres are shot, which is why he's losing ground. SVG is now within 3.4 seconds and seems to have overcome the brake problems.

Lap 125/161 - SVG is holding his ground on Feeney and continues to cut into Reynolds' lead.

Lap 123/161 - Reynolds is out of sequence with his fellow leaders, so likely needs another pitstop. SVG is now within eight seconds of the lead, but Feeney is now within five seconds of his teammate.

Lap 122/161 - Van Gisbergen is actually making ground on Reynolds, despite his brake concerns, but now he is conceding ground to teammate Feeney.

Lap 121/161 - SVG insists he'll try to manage his brake pressure. He's now chasing Reynolds.

Lap 120/161 - SVG pits, this is crucial. He's replaced his brakes.

Reynolds now leads, but van Gisbergen and Feeney are next. SVG is complaining about his brake pedal being low.

He insists pumping the pedal is not helping the brake - this is serious.

Lap 119/161 - Reshuffle of the leading cars. SVG still leads, but is due to pit next lap.

He has more than a minute on Fullwood, with Reynolds third. Feeney is fifth, Kostecki sixth.

Lap 117/161 - Feeney pits now. Van Gisbergen is now 48 seconds clear of Mostert at the front of the field.

Feeney has emerged ahead of Kostecki for seventh, with a lead of 4.6 seconds.

Lap 116/161 - Kostecki pits and there's word that SVG has an oil pressure light in his car. There's still another twist in this race...

The two Red Bull cars now lead.

Lap 114/161 - Estre will hand off to Kiwi Payne in 12th position.

Lap 113/161 - SVG now 10 seconds clear of Kostecki. Can he hold on?

Lap 112/161 - While van Gisbergen is the fastest driver out there right now, Will Brown is actually second-fastest, back in 17th.

Lap 111/161 - SVG is 9.4 seconds clear of Kostecki with 50 laps remaining.

Lap 108/161 - Mostert passes Golding for fifth. Van Gisbergen's lead now up to 8.8 seconds over Kostecki.

Lap 107/161 - Brown has pitted for some brake replacement - he emerges in 19th. Golding enters the top five.

Lap 105/161 - Van Gisbergen's lead now out to 6.4 seconds over Kostecki.

Lap 103/161 - SVG is lapping fastest right now, so continues to add time to his lead over Kostecki.

Lap 102/161 - SVG continues to hold a 5.5 second lead over Kostecki, with teammate Feeney eight seconds back in third.

Lap 100/161 - Tander pits, Reynolds takes over and van Gisbergen assumes the lead again, 5.3 seconds clear of Kostecki.

De Pasquale has moved past Brown into fourth.

Lap 99/161 - Feeney moves past Brown into fourth.

Lap 97/161 - Poetically, van Gisbergen is now chasing the man who helped him to victory twice before in this race. Realistically, Tander has a 46-second lead and probably needs to pit soon.

Significantly, SVG has six seconds over Kostecki.

Lap 96/161 - Best is briefly in the top five, but pits to make way for Courtney. Kostecki is up to third, behind Stanaway and Tander.

Stanaway pits, so here comes SVG.

Lap 95/161 - Randle pits, so there's another shuffle of the order up front.

Lap 94/161 - Stanaway now leads by 17 seconds over Tander, with Kostecki in 10th. Payne has improved to eighth, but pits.

Lap 93/161 - D'Alberto pits, followed by Whincup. They will both exit their cars, replaced by de Pasquale and Feeney respectively.

Lap 92/161 - Kostecki emerges in 15th place, but passes Will Brown to make up ground.

Lap 91/161 - Russell pits and hands over to Kostecki, who will drive until the end now. Stanaway assumes the lead, 5.5 seconds clear of D'Alberto.

Lap 90/161 - Payne enters the top 10, great comeback from the young man.

Lap 89/161 - Stanaway continues to nibble at Russell's heels for the lead, while D'Alberto is another 4.6 seconds back.

Lap 87/161 - Whincup slides past Tander into fourth.

Lap 84/161 - Stanaway is within a second of Russell for the lead. Payne is up to 11th.

Lap 83/161 - Whincup has run out of drinking water in his car, so he could be plenty thirsty by the time he next pits.

Lap 82/161 - Stanaway easily moves past D'Alberto and now hasleader Russell back in his sights.

Lap 81/161 - Young Kiwi Matt Payne is up to 15th, after co-driver Kevin Estre spun off into gravel earlier.

Lap 80/161 - Approaching halfway, Russell/Kostecki have 1.5 seconds over D'Alberto/de Pasquale, with Stanaway/van Gisbergen in third.

Lap 77/161 - Stanaway moves past Robotham into third.

Lap 76/161 - Whincup and Ojeda duel for eighth, Whincup passes, but Ojeda holds off Holdsworth.

Lap 75/161 - Remarkably, Robotham/Hill lost 14 spots off the startline to the back of the field, but now sit third.

Lap 74/161 - Safety car is off and racing has recommenced. Robotham and Stanaway get the jump on Luff to move up a place each near the front, Tander follows.

Lap 72/161 - Stanaway and Whincup both head into the pits under the safety car, but Moffat has blocked pit entry for others following.

Russell has stayed out of the pits and now leads, with Stanaway emerging in fifth.

Lap 71/161 - Moffat has hit the wall and the safety car is out.

Lap 70/161 - Reynolds pits and swaps with Tander, so Stanaway takes the lead from Russell and Whincup.

Lap 68/161 - Stanaway and Russell into second and third, with Whincup right behind them. Reynolds now leads.

Fiore is in sixth, but has been pinged for a pitlane penalty.

Lap 66/161 - De Pasquale, Mostert and Moffat all pit, so Stanaway and Russell move up to fifth and sixth.

Lap 65/161 - The Stanaway/SVG team changed their fuel strategy to stay ahead of Kostecki/Russell on the track.

Lap 64/161 - Kostecki and Stanaway both head to the pits for a compulsory brake change. Russell replaces Kostecki behind the wheel and Stanaway emerges ahead of his rival in ninth place.

Lap 63/161 - After his controversial pitline penalty earlier, Reynolds has worked his way back up to sixth, with Moffat ahead of him still to serve a penalty of his own.

Kostecki has stretched his advantage to 3.5 seconds over Stanaway.

Lap 62/161 - Whincup, Pye and Fullwood all pit, so there will be a reshuffle up front.

Lap 61/161 - One hundred laps left, O'Keeffe is out and Golding takes over in 22nd.

Lap 59/161 - Whincup now into eight, after passing Ojeda. Kostecki lapping consistently faster than Stanaway and the lead is 1.7 seconds.

Pye passes Mostert into fifth.

Lap 58/161 - Fullwood began the race at 21 on the grid, so he's improved 17 spots so far. Stanaway more than a second behind Kostecki.

Lap 56/161 - Kostecki is easing back out from Stanaway, now 0.7 seconds. Pye has also taken Moffat to move into sixth.

Lap 55/161 - Mostert takes Moffat for fifth. DePasquale is 11 seconds back from Kostecki and Stanaway.

Lap 54/161 - Fullwood has bumped his way past Moffat into fourth. Stanaway has closed right up on Kostecki and may consider a pass at any time.

Lap 52/161 - Kostecki pushes his lead out past a second again, with de Pasquale nine seconds further back. It's become a two-horse race.

Lap 51/161 - Winterbottom pits, but he has been losing spots for the last few laps. He didn't pit under the safety car, which is why he led briefly.

Whincup passes Perkins into 10th.

Lap 50/161 - Stanaway is whittling away at Kostecki's lead, just 1.1 seconds behind.

Lap 49/161 - Fullwood also passes Winterbottom into fifth.

Lap 48/161 - De Pasquale is past Winterbottom into third, then Moffat follows.

Lap 46/161 - Coulthard slips out of the leading group and into 10th. Moffat is now fifth, but still has that penalty to serve.

Lap 45/161 - Kostecki and Stanaway both take Winterbottom for the first two places.

Lap 44/161 - Stanaway passes fellow Kiwi Coulthard for third.

Lap 43/161 - Moffat is assessed a five-second penalty for unsafe pit release, which will be served at his next pitstop.

Lap 42/161 - Kostecki passes Fraser for third. Kiwi Fabian Coulthard sits in second and Stanaway takes Fraser as well, to grab fourth.

Kostecki takes Coulthard for second.

Lap 41/161 - Safety car has gone...

Lap 40/161 - Stanaway replaces SVG behind the wheel, Whincup is a late change with Feeney.

Kostecki settles back into fifth, after taking less fuel, with Stanaway one spot behind.

Lap 39/161 - Disaster for Kiwi Andre Heimgartner, as co-driver Dale Wood puts their car into the wall. May have been a touch with Scott Pye - safety car is out and everyone dives or the pits.

Lap 38/161 - No changes at the front, but SVG is three seconds ahead of Feeney and going away, with Kostecki still two more seconds back.

De Pasquale takes Ojeda for sixth position. 

Lap 36/161 - SVG now has 2.5 seconds on teammate Feeney at the front, with Kostecki another two seconds back.

Lap 35/161 - Reynolds emerges in 26th spot, essentially only ahead of Estre and Goddard.

Lap 34/161 - Reynolds serves his pitlane penalty and slips down the field...

Lap 33/161 - SVG has put 1.7 seconds on Feeney at the front of the race. Kostecki moves into fourth.

Lap 32/161 - Goddard/Lowndes is back on the pits at the back of the field.

Lap 31/161 - Kostecki moves into fifth, past Moffat, while Reynolds has been instructed to let Feeney past.

Lap 30/161 - Everyone has done their first stop and O'Keeffe leads van Gisbergen, but not for long, as SVG sweeps into the lead.

Reynolds has been assess pitline penalty, so he will lose ground. His team is not happy.

Lap 29/161 - Still under safety car... Reynolds is under scrutiny for his pass on Feeney under safety car.

Safety car is off.

Lap 28/161 - Safety car is out, after Estre - driving for Kiwi Matt Payne - came a cropper on turn one, so all the leaders head to the pits.

O'Keeffe has Golding's car into the lead, with van Gisbergen second. Championship leader Brodie Kostecki emerges in sixth.

Lap 26/161 - SVG is up to 12th, as those ahead of him continue to pit. Tander is the latest, while Heimgartner makes up another spot past D'Alberto into third.

Lap 25/161 - Whincup has a 6.3 second lead over Russell, with another 6.3 seconds back to Brown.

Lap 24/161 - Brown has passed Stanaway into third, making up 14 spots from the start.

In fact, Stanaway has pitted and van Gisbergen will take the wheel, re-entering in 16th.

Lap 23/161 - Waters enters the pits and Moffat takes over. Kiwi Payne also surrenders the wheel to Frenchman Kevin Estre.

Fellow Kiwi Heimgartner is up to seventh.

Lap 22/161 - Golding is the first of the leaders to blink, as he enters the pits. O'Keeffe takes over and slips back to 21st.

Lap 20/161 - Payne passes D'Alberto for eighth. Goddard leaves the pits, after that gear mount repair, but they've lost a lot of ground.

Lap 19/161 - LeBrocq enters the pits and Ojeda jumps into the car.

Stanaway passes Waters for fourth, then Brown follows later in the lap for fifth.

Lap 18/161 - Webb has gone off the track and into the sand. Lowndes has a problem with the gear lever mount and he exits the car, replaced by Goddard.

Lap 17/161 - Stanaway and Brown are making ground on Waters in fourth.

Lowndes has a problem and is slowing, losing positions. He's told to come to the garage.

Lap 16/161 - Kiwi Heimgartner has moved past Courtney into 11th and is now chasing fellow Kiwi Payne, 1.6 seconds ahead.

Lap 15/161 - First driver change, with Percat exiting and Kiwi Fabian Coulthard taking the wheel. They shuffle to the back of the field.

Lap 13/161 - Status quo continues, with Brown 2.7 seconds behind Stanaway.

Courtney is another big mover, making up five spots to 11th.

Lap 12/161 - Brown moves past Tander into sixth.

Lap 11 - Brown continues his charge into seventh, up 10 spots, and he's now lining up Tander.

Lap 10 - Stanaway, driving for van Gisbergen, takes Tander on the inside into fifth. Stanway is 6.4 seconds behind leader Whincup.

Lap 9 - Heimgartner, Le Brocq and Lowndes also moves past Holdsworth, who has lost six spots. Seven-time winner Lowndes has made up six spots into 14th.

Lap 8 - Randle takes Holdsworth to enter the top 10, then Courtney also moves past Holdsworth.

Lap 6 - While Brown is making up big ground early, Alex Davison is going the other direction, losing nine spots, after brother Will qualified 10th.

Lap 5 - Brown has clocked the fastest lap of the race, with 2m 07.5s, and is up nine spots to eighth..

Lap 4 - Whincup, Russell, Golding, Waters and Tander make up the top five, with Stanaway still sixth. Young Kiwi Matt Payne is in ninth, losing a place in the early laps.

Lap 3 - Cam Hill, who qualified 14, has already slipped to the back of the field, after stalling on the start-line. Brown has been fast all weekend, except qualifying, and continues to make his way through the field - he's up up seven spots to 10th.

Lap 2 - Will Brown and Nick Percat are lead drivers on the opening stint, and they have made up five spots each from their grid positions.

Russell is in the slipstream of Whincup, but can't get past on the finishing straight.

Lap 1 - Russell, Golding, Waters, Tander and Stanaway follow Whincup follow Whincup over the top for the first time. Sixteen co-drivers have started for their teams, 12 lead drivers.

START - David Russell and Jamie Whincup on the front row, as the flag drops and the race begins. Whincup sweeps into the lead before the first turn...

1:16pm - The field departs on its formation lap, before taking their spots on the grid. Fourteen degrees, not a cloud in the sky and a gentle breeze.

1:10pm - Only a few moments away from a start now...

12:57pm - Mount Panorama is being blasted by a high speed airshow that has everyone sticking fingers in ears - and not an engine has been started yet. This is the 60th anniversary of Bathurst, so a special occasion. 

Supercars legend Craig Lowndes - who has won this race seven times - will start for Zane Goddard at 20 on the grid.

12:52pm - After the Parade of Legends, drivers are now gathering at the start, with many co-drivers taking the first stint behind the wheel. Kiwi Richie Stanaway will kick things off for Shane van Gisbergen, while Garth Tander - who helped SVG to his two victories here - will start for David Reynolds this time.

Stanaway has been missing from the Supercars championship in recent years, but will return next year.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the epic Bathurst 1000 at Mount Panorama, New South Wales.

As the Aussie Supercars Championship enters its home straight, the drivers take on the legendary 'Mountain' - six hours and 161 laps of a 6.2km road circuit.

Kiwi Shane van Gisbergen has won it twice, including last year, but this may be his last chance for victory, with a move to the US NASCAR series looming in 2024. After teaming with veteran Garth Tander 12 months ago, he has fellow Kiwi Richie Stanaway as his co-driver this time.

Van Gisbergen has finished sixth in qualifying and will start in the third row, after becoming the first Supercars driver officially clocked at faster than 300km/h. For good measure, Stanaway was fastest in the co-drivers practice session, so the signs are good for a competitive performance.

Young Kiwi Matt Payne also qualified for the Top-10 Shootout, eventually finishing eighth for a fourth-row start. He looms as the heir apparent to SVG and Scott McLaughlan, who now races on the US IndyCar circuit.

With two more stops remaining at Gold Coast and Adelaide, van Gisbergen currently sits 155 points behind championship leader Brodie Kostecki, who finished half-a-second clear of the field to claim pole at Bathurst.

TAB Odds: Kostecki/Russell $2.25, Van Gisbergen/Stanaway $4.50, Waters/Moffat $6.50, Mostert/Holdsworth $7.50, Feeney/Whincup $8

Bathurst 1000 starting grid

1 Kostecki/Russell

2 Feeney/Whincup

3 Waters/Moffat

4 Golding/O'Keeffe

5 De Pasquale/D'Alberto

6 Van Gisbergen/Stanaway

7 Reynolds/Tander

8 Payne/Estre

9 Mostert/Holdsworth

10 W Davison/A Davison

11 Randle/Jacobson

12 Pye/Luff

13 Heimgartner/Wood

14 Hill/Robotham

15 Le Brocq/Ojeda

16 Courtney/Best

17 Brown/Perkins

18 Slade/Webb

19 Winterbottom/Caruso

20 Goddard/Lowndes

21 Fullwood/Fiore

22 Hazelwood/Blanchard

23 Percat/Coulthard

24 Jones/Boys

25 Allen/De Silvestro

26 Love/J Kostecki

27 Smith/Evans

28 Fraser/Everingham

Join us at 1pm for the start.