Anal beads and bathtub defecation: Chinese chess champion stripped of title amid cheating scandal

  • 27/12/2023
Yan Chenglong (right) after his win.
Yan Chenglong (right) after his win. Photo credit: File

Chinese chess champion Yan Chenglong has been stripped of his title due to allegations of inappropriate behaviour, which come after accusations he used anal beads to cheat.

Last week, the 48-year-old won the prestigious Xiangqi tournament but the celebrations ended with him defecating in a hotel bathtub.

The Chinese Xiangqi Association (CXA) announced Yan would have his title revoked and prize money confiscated after he had been caught "disrupting public order" and displaying "extremely bad character". He's also been banned from playing for a year.

Xiangqi. Photo credit: Getty Images

The CXA was also forced to address rumours circulating online that Yan had cheated during the competition by using anal beads equipped with wireless transmitters to send and receive signals.

But the association says it's impossible to prove those allegations, which claim Yan clenched and unclenched rhythmically to communicate information about the chess board via code to a computer, which then sent back instructions on what moves to make in the form of vibration.

According to the CXA, Yan began drinking with friends in a hotel room shortly after being crowned 'Xiangqi King' before defecating in the bathtub in an act which " violated public order and good morals".

Regarded as the most popular board game in China, Xiangqi is a two-player strategy contest that dates back centuries and represents a battle between two armies, with the primary object being to checkmate the enemy's general (king).