Cycling: Ellesse Andrews eyes Olympic gold in Paris after dominant 2023 campaign

For Ellesse Andrews, 2023 was always going to be about taking her cycling to the next level.   

And there's no doubt she did just that.  

Off the back of three Commonwealth Games gold medals last year, this year saw Andrews win two world championship medals, one of them gold, and claimed the track Champions League title.   

And by her own concession, she now has a target on her back, heading to next year's Olympics in Paris. Though, she's not letting anything affect her.   

Even with the revered rainbow jersey wrapped around her, the 23-year-old believes little has changed.   

"What's different from before world champs? Well, nothing really," she told Newshub.   

As a person, perhaps, but as far as accolades go, a lot.  

Gold in the keirin at this year's worlds and winning the track Champions League, highlighted yet another successful year.   

"It just sort of speaks to the consistency we have in our training and the development that I'm going through as an athlete as well," she continued. 

"It's all of those factors that come together and make a good result at the end of the day." 

But it was bronze in her less-preferred individual sprint that Andrews is arguably most-proud of. The reasoning though, perhaps a tad surprising.   

"In the past I've felt like I don't know really know what I'm doing," Andrews conceded. "That's quite an overwhelming thought when you're going out on the track and you're in a muddled mindset.  

"So it's nice to actually have a bit of clarity on how I like to race." 

Andrews' success, and a strengthening women's programme sees them in serious medal contention across the board in Paris. 

"I'm ok with it. It's not completely overwhelming if I don't let it be," Andrews said when asked about the massive target on her back heading into Paris.   

Because, at the end of the day, whatever happens, nothing, will really change.