Football: Wellington Phoenix desperate for 'Up the Wahs' catchcry amid A-League success

Halfway through the A-League season, Wellington Phoenix almost have it all, with top goalscorer Kosta Barbarouses and sitting atop competition standings - all they're missing is a bit of hype. 

That's the sort of sound the Phoenix only hope gets louder. 

"We saw that, at the end of last year, with the Warriors and the support they got was fantastic," said Phoenix general manager David Dome. "We're asking the New Zealand public to get into the Phoenix in the same was they did the Warriors last year."

Alex Rufer celebrates a goal with Phoenix fans.
Alex Rufer celebrates a goal with Phoenix fans. Photo credit: Photosport

Midfielder Nicholas Pennington agrees.

"We talk about it a lot between the boys," he said. "We really hope to get the crowds going around us, because it helps so much for our home games." 

The A-League-leading 'Nix have plenty of hardcore fans, they only hope the rest of New Zealand jump on the bandwagon. The secret to replicating the Warriors success could be in the slogan.

"We have, 'Come on you 'Nix',  which is a traditional football kind of chant," said Dome. "We like it and we push it whenever we can."

There's no better time for Kiwis to shout their support for the Phoenix.

"We're not normally in this position at this point in the season and I think the last couple of games, we’ve shown we can really fight against some good quality teams," said forward Oskar van Hattum.

Dome has no doubt the nation will soon catch 'Yellow Fever'.

"The base is there, it's activating it," he said. "You see this with any code, once there is a bit of momentum.

"You saw it with the Warriors, you saw it with the Women's World Cup... we know the support is there, it's activating it."

Nevermind 'Up the Wahs', it's up to the fans to shout 'Come on you 'Nix'.