Netball: ANZ Premiership coaches push for two-point shot as part of major competition overhaul

The ANZ Premiership as we know it may look very different in years to come.  

Newshub has learned Netball New Zealand's committed to making major changes to the domestic competition, after ongoing pleas from coaches to follow in Australia's footsteps.

Perhaps the most revolutionary of those changes lies in the introduction of a two-point shot.

With viewership numbers dwindling, there's a widely held belief New Zealand needs to keep moving with the times to keep the game alive.  

Netball's long been one of the nation's most popular sports, but with concerns Kiwis are switching off, leading coaches are calling for change.

"The game's moving and we actually have to move with it as well," said Mainland Tactix coach Marianne Delaney-Hoshek. "We're being left behind."

Grace Nweke in action for Northern Mystics.
Grace Nweke in action for Northern Mystics. Photo credit: Photosport

Administrators are listening, especially after reports netball's next broadcast deal - which kicks in at the end of next season - will net the sport far less money.

"What we've identified is that the seven-a-side game also needs some innovation to be brought through," said Netball NZ chief commercial officer David Cooper.  

One of the main changes coaches are pushing for is the introduction of the 'supershot', which allows players to score two-pointers from outside the shooting circle in the last five minutes of each quarter.  

"At the end of the years, we have a review and that's been coming up a while," said Delaney-Hoshek. "I think everyone is quite unanimous that it would build our game."  

The rule has been used in Australia's Super Netball league since 2020 - as well as in New Zealand's annual Fast Five international series - and has boosted both crowds and the players.

"I think we've seen the effects of the supershots," said Northern Mystics coach Kiri Wills.

Last year, Australia won gold at the World Cup, while runners-up England also have their shooters playing domestic netball in Australia.

"They just didn't shy away from those long shots, and that's a product of having to do it week in and week out," said Wills.

The long shot could take a long time to appear in the ANZ Premiership. Netball NZ says it's one of several rule changes to be considered for implementation in the next 24 months. 

"The two-point shot is part of the long list," said Cooper. "I think it's important for our fans, we want to make sure that there's something there for them." 

Hopefully, fans, players and coaches can wait that long.