Live updates: Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v San Francisco 49ers at Las Vegas' Allegiant Stadium

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Chiefs 25 49ers 22

Chiefs - Valdes-Scantling & Hardman touchdowns, Butker four field goals and extra point

SF - McCaffrey & Jennings touchdowns, Moody three field goals & extra point


15th minute - Mahomes finds Kelce in traffice and the tightend rumbles seven yards for first and goal.

TOUCHDOWN - With the seconds ticking down, Mahomes finds Hardman in the endzone to win the game.

Clutch play Mahomes and Tay-Tay is engulfed with hugs in the luxury box.

14th minute - Pacheco makes a couple of yards to the SF 10.

13th minute - Mahomes finds Pacheco, who runs for first down and fumbles, but recovers.

Mahomes rockets up the middle and splits the defence for 19 yards to the SF 13.

12th minute- Mahomes looks down field, but opts for a short pass to Pacheco for four yards.

11th minute - Mahomes finds rice for 13 yards and first down at SF 41.

10th minute - Mahomes finds Valdes-Scantling, who is scragged behind scrimmage.

Mahomes finds Valdes-Scantling to set up 3rd and 6.

Ninth minute - Mahomes finds Rice, but still short of first down.

Pacheco can't make the one yard needed, so this is the game here... 4th and 1.

Mahomes scrambles for first down - phew!

Eighth minute - Purdy is pressured and throws it away. Moody will attempt a field goal from 27 yards and slots it, 49ers 22 Chiefs 19

Chiefs can win with a touchdown, Niners can win with a defensive stop.

Moody kicks dead and Chiefs get the ball on their 25.

Pacheco runs for three yards.

Seventh minute - McCaffrey takes the ball to KC 9, but he's stopped at scrimmage. Niners face 3rd and 4.

Sixth minute - Mitchell runs for first down, but Niners are penalised for holding. Kittle returns to the field.

Purdy scrambles in the backfield and somehow finds Juszczyk for first down.

Fifth minute - McCaffrey again for eight more yards to KC 18.

Fourth minute - McCaffrey runs for four yards.

Purdy flips to McCaffrey, who sprints down the sideline to KC 25.

Second minute - Niners have lost tightend Kittle with an arm injury.

McCaffrey runs again for a short gain, NIners face 3rd and 2.

They stack the left side of the offence and Aiyuk emerges to take a pass for first down at SF 46.

First minute - Purdy throws down the middle to Samuel, who fumbles and the Chiefs just spill the intercept.

False start to Niners, so they face 2nd and 15 now.

Purdy pitches underhand to McCaffrey, but they make only a couple of yards, so 3rd and long.

Purdy's pass is batted down again, but the defence is penalised for holding. Niners get five yards and first down - what a letoff.

McCaffrey rumbles for a short gain.

The teams will play a 15-minute quarter. Niners win the toss and will have the ball first.

Fourth quarter

15th minute - Mahomes misses Watson down the sideline.

Mahomes finds McKinnon for a short gain that gets the Chiefs within field goal range.

Chiefs face 3rd and seven on SF 33. Mahomes finds Kelce cutting across the field for 22 yards and first down at SF 11.

Nine seconds remaining.

Mahomes throws to Kelce in the endzone, but it's underthrown. Six seconds left and Butker comes on.

Butker levels the scores and we're headed to overtime, Chiefs 19 49ers 19

14th minute - Purdy's pass is batted down by McDuffie, who has been everywhere today.

Moody slots a 53-yard field goal to retake the lead with less than two minutes left, 49ers 19 Chiefs 16

Moody kicks dead to the endzone, Mahomes will have the ball on his 25. He finds Kelce for nine yards and then scrambles for a yard for first down at KC 37.

Mahomes finds Gray for 12 yards, then quickly throws to Watson for eight.

13th minute - Purdy throws under pressure and finds Kittle on the line of scrimmage for no gain. Niners face 3rd and 4 on KC 35.

Two-minute warning.

12th minute - McCaffrey runs for five more to KC 35.

11th minute - McCaffrey punches for three yards.

10th minute - Butker slots a field goal from 24 yards to level the scores, Chiefs 16 49ers 16

Butker kicks dead and Niners have the ball on their 25.

Purdy finds Jennings down the middle for 23 yards to SF 48.

Purdy flips the ball to Samuel who is brought down just short of first down.

Ninth minute - Mahomes scrambles and eventually has to throw the ball dead off the hands of a Niners defender,

He scrambles again on third down and is sacked.

Eighth minute - Pacheco runs for a yard.

Seventh minute - Pacheco runs for nine yards to SF 12. He runs through the defence for eight more to the 4.

Sixth minute - Mahomes mishandles the snap, but recovers and thows the ball dead. He looks down the sideline and finds Watson for 25 yards on SF 21.

Fifth minute - Pacheco is stopped at the line of scrimmage and Mahomes misses Rice down the middle. Chiefs face 3rd and 10 on their 41.

Mahomes finds Kelce for first down at SF 46 and Tay-Tay celebrates.

Fourth minute - McCaffrey makes one yard to KC 10.

TOUCHDOWN - Purdy throws to Jennings on the KC 5 and he powers over to score. He's thrown for one and now run for one. Moody's extra point is blocked, 49ers 16 Chiefs 13

After the kickoff, Chiefs have the ball on their 25. Mahomes finds Kelce for 16 yards to KC 41.

Third minute - Purdy finds Kittle, who is pushed into touch on the marker. First down awarded - big play!

Second minute - McCaffrey runs eight yards for 3rd and 2 on KC 14.

McCaffrey is stopped beyhind the line of scrimmage and Niners will go for it on 4th and three.

First minute - Purdy finds Aiyuk down the middle for 20 yards and first down at KC 22.

Under pressure, Purdy throws to the endzone for Samuel, but incomplete.

Third quarter

15th minute - Juszczyk rumbles for first down as the quarter expires.

14th minute - Purdy finds Jennings for 17 yards and first down at SF 47.

13th minute - Mahomes is chased and has to throw the ball away. Chiefs will punt again, they just can't get anything going.

Townsend kicks to the SF 18 and McCloud fumbles the ball, recovered by the Chiefs, who now have the ball in the redzone. That's put them on the frontfoot at last.

TOUCHDOWN - Mahomes throws to the endzone and Valde-Scantling has no-one around him to score. Butker kicks the extra point, Chiefs 13 49ers 10

Butker kicks dead and Niners have the ball on their 25.

Purdy's pass is deflected at scrimmage and falls incomplete.

McCaffrey runs for five yards and Niners face 3rd and 5 on SF 30.

12th minute - Pacheco runs three yards. Mahomes flips a pass to Kelce for five yards, Chiefs are 3rd and 2 on KC 35.

11th minute - McCaffrey is stopped at the line of scrimmage.

Purdy throws down the sideline towards Aiyuk, but incomplete. Niners are 3rd and 10 on SF 25.

Purdy throws down the middle towards Samuel, but broken up by McDuffie.

Wishnowsky kicks to the Chiefs 20 and James makes seven yards, before he's tackled.

10th minute - Mahomes is under pressure and has to throw the ball away.

Mahomes finds Hardman, but short of first down. Chiefs face 4th and six, and Butker will attempt the field goal from 57 yards...

He makes it - that's a new Super Bowl record, braking Jake Moody's effort from earlier in the game, 49ers 10 Chiefs 6

Butker kicks dead and NIners will have the ball on their own 25.

Ninth minute - Mahomes scrambles 22 yards for first down at SF 43

Eighth minute - Mahomes scrambles out of the backield and reaches first down at KC 35

Seventh minute - Mahomes finds Kelce for 10 yards and first down on KC 25.

Mahomes finds Pacheco behind the line of scrimmage and he runs three yards.

Sixth minute - Purdy finds McCaffrey, who stumbles, but gets up again for seven yards. Niners face 3rd and 11 at SF 35.

Purdy throws long for Kittle, but incomplete. Niners will punt, Samuel is down clutching his hamstring.

Wishnowsky kicks to James on KC 14 and Conley is on him quickly to drag him to the ground.

Fifth minute - Townsend punts to the SF 36.

Purdy is chased in the backfield and eventually finds Jennings, but he's wrapped up behind the line of scrimmage for a loss of eight yards.

Fourth minute - Mahomes calls a timeout at the line of scrimmage, facing 3rd and one on his own 11.

Pacheco is stopped at the line of scrimmage and Chiefs face 4th and one. They'll punt from the endzone.

Third minute - Wishnowsky kicks and teammate Conley is in position to take the ball on the KC 2. Chiefs won't have much room to work with.

Mahomes looks long to Valdes-Scantling from his own endzone, but overthrows him.

Mahomes finds Kelce for just the second time and the tightend makes nine yards.

Second minute - Facing 3rd and 12, Mahomes pumpfakes and throws in the direction of Valdes-Scantling, but it's intercepted by Brown at the KC 44. Big turnover.

Purdy is pursued in the backfield and has to throw the ball out of bounds.

Niners offence is penalised for a false start and lose five yards to the KC 49.

Purdy throws short and incomplete. Purdy scrambles for four yards and Niners will punt.

First minute - Niners kickoff goes dead into the endzone, Chiefs start on their 25, but lose two yards, when Pacheco fumbles a handoff and has to regather.

Second quarter

15th minute - Mahomes passes to Rice for three yards. Rices runs another two to the SF 9.

Chiefs face 3rd and five at SF 9... 31 seconds left in the half.

Mahomes looks to pass, but can't get it off and is sacked. Butker will kick for goal from 28 yards... and makes it, 49ers 10 Chiefs 3

Purdy will get the ball back with 20 seconds left in the half. Butker kicks dead into the endzone, so NIners get the ball on their 25.

Purdy hands to McCaffrey for six yards and the clock runs down to halftime.... and the halftime show by Usher.

14th minute - Chiefs are penalised for an early jump and lose five yards.

Mahomes scrambles and finds Watson down the middle for 21 yards. Niners are penalised for holding, but penalty is declined.

Mahomes throws to Watson, but he can't make the catch. Mahomes throws to Pacheco, who runs eight yards for 3rd and two at SF 31.

Mahomes finds Rice for six yards and first down at SF 25.

13th minute - Edwards-Helaire spells Pacheco and is stopped at the line of scrimmage. Two-minute warning.

Meanwhile, in the stands, Tay-Tay chugs a beer...

12th minute - From the kickoff, Mahomes pitches to Pacheco for eight yards and then another five for first down at KC 39.

Mahomes finds Pacheco with a pass for another six yards to the KC 45.

11th minute - McCaffrey is back and makes a few yards, but defender Jones is penalised for a personal foul after the tackle. Chiefs are penalised 15 yards, Niners have first down at KC 21.

Purdy is pressured and his pass is incomplete to Samuel.

TOUCHDOWN - Purdy throws behind the line of scrimmage to Jennings, who throws back across the field to McCaffrey and the running back won't be stopped. Moody kicks the extra point, 49ers 10 Chiefs 0

10th minute - Mitchell spells McCaffrey and takes a handoff for seven yards to KC 37.

Ninth minute - Purdy finds McCaffrey for six yards at the KC 49. McCaffrey takes a handoff for five yards and first down.

Eighth minute - Purdy throws to Samuel, but incomplete. Purdy goes back to Samuel, who takes the catch across the middle for first down at SF 45.

Seventh minute - Mahomes scrambles for three yards, but Chiefs punt from their 17. McCloud calls the fair catch on SF 33.

Sixth minute - Niners kick to James, who drops the ball on the Chiefs 20, but recovers. 

Mahomes is pressured by Young and tries to pass the ball two-handed in a tackle, but is called for intentional grounding and penalised 10 yards.

Mahomes hands to Pacheco for four yards, as Niners lose one of their best defenders, Dre Greenlaw, to injury.

Fifth minute - Niners facing 3rd and eight at the SF33, Purdy is trapped by the pass rush for a four-yard loss. Niners to punt.

Fourth minute - Both running backs have turned the ball over early, how is the trust level now?

Purdy scrambles just short of the first down, but the Chiefs defence is penalised for a collar tackle, so first down awarded at SF 27.

Third minute - Pacheco makes the line of scrimmage, but loses the ball, recovered by the Niners for a huge turnover.

Second minute - Rice takes the handoff and makes a couple of yards, but loses the ball, recovered by Watson.

Mahomes looks way downfield and Hardman makes the catch for 53 yards to the SF 9.

First minute - Purdy faces 3rd and 14, and throws long towards Samuel in the endzone, but he's well covered by McDuffie.

Jake Moody sets a new Super Bowl record for a 55 yard field goal to open the scoring, 49ers 3 Chiefs 0

Niners kickoff goes dead, so Chiefs have the ball on their 25.

Mahomes finds Pacheco for seven yards. Pacheco gaines a couple more, but just short of first down.

First quarter

15th minute - Purdy throws long into the endzone, but he overthrows Aiyuk.

Purdy hands to McCaffrey, but the Chiefs linebackers are on top of him for a four-yard loss. That's the end of the first quarter. Chiefs 0 Niners 0

14th minute - Purdy has to throw the ball away for 3rd and nine. He finds Conley for 18 yards and first down at SF 48.

Purdy finds McCloud running across the middle for 19 yards and another first down at KC 33.

13th minute - Purdy hands off to McCafrey for eight yards and Chiefs are penalised another five to the SF 22.

McCaffrey runs for three yards, leaving 2nd and two. He runs for another four and first down at SF 29.

McCaffrey takes a pass behind the line of scrimmage, but can't make ground.

12th minute - McCloud catches the ball, but doesn't claim the fair catch. He's dropped on the SF 17.

11th minute - Mahomes scrambles, but is tackled from behind for only four yards. Chiefs must punt again.

10th minute - Mahomes is sacked by Chase Young for a four-yard loss.

Mahomes to Rice, but he can't make the line of scrimmage. Defence is dominating so far.

Ninth minute - Wishnowsky to punt, but Niners are penalised another five yards. Kick is claimed by James, who runs to the KC 11.

Mahomes to Pacheco for 10 yards and first down at KC 21.

Eighth minute - Purdy finds Samuel for 13 yards, but still short of first down, so Niners punt.

Seventh minute - Niners offence penalised for falst start, five-yard penalty at SF 40.

Purdy is in big trouble and is being chased, but finds Kittle with miracle pass for first down. Niners are penalised for holding though, so now they're 2nd & 27 on the SF 25.

McCafffrey rumbles for eight yards, SF are 3rd and 20.

Sixth minute - Deebo Samuel takes the handoff and tries to sprint around the line, but the deence are on him and he loses two years.

Fifth minute - Townsend kicks and McCloud takes the fair catch on the SF 24.

Niners have the ball, Purdy finds Aiyuk for 18 years and the first down.

Fourth minute - Mahomes finds Kelce, but they make only one yard at the KC 25.

Mahome scrambles and finds McKinnon, but he's short of the first down and Chiefs must punt.

Third minute - McCaffrey carries for 11 yards and another first down at the KC29.

McCaffrey fumbles and the Chiefs recover the ball for a turnover.

Mahomes hands off to Pacceco, but the defence on him and drives him back three yards.

Second minute - Purdy to McCaffrey for 11 yards and another first down at the KC 40.

First minute - Harrison Butker kicks off for the Chiefs and into the endzone. Niners will have the ball on their 25.

McCaffrey rumbles six yards with the first carry. Purdy throws to Juszczyk for first down.

12:35pm - Both teams have captains in the centre of the field for the coin toss. Niners call tails, but it's heads, so Chiefs will kick off.

Teams that have won the coin toss are 1-9 in the last 10 Super Bowls.

12:27pm - Post Malone performs a moving renditon of 'America the Beeautiful', followed by country artist Reeba McEntire signing the American national anthem. Lots of cutaways to Tay-Tay with her hand on heart.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of Super Bowl LVIII between defending champions Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers at Las Vegas.

Americans are pretty good at proclaiming themselves world champions without actually winning a world championship, but this may be one time that they can claim that throne without having to face overseas challengers.

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle event in 'football' - known as American football around the rest of the world - but ironically, the trophy is not a bowl at all, but the Vince Lombardi Trophy - a statue of a mounted game ball and named after arguably the greatest coach in the game.

Kansas City are the defending champions and have reached this game three of the past four years, winning twice and losing to Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021. They also won Super Bowl IV in 1969.

The Chiefs are led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, considered by most as already one of the best in his position at the age of just 28.

If you don't know Mahomes, you probably know his righthand man, tightend Travis Kelce - best known as current boyfriend of popstar Taylor Swift, who has apparently flown back from Japan to attend today's game.

Kelce is one of the few remaining offensive pieces left from the Chiefs' 2020 Super Bowl victory over San Francisco, with many of the other key players drifting off to other teams in the meantime.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift celebrate a Chiefs victory.
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift celebrate a Chiefs victory. Photo credit: Getty Images

The Niners have a rich history in this game with five victories dating back to 1981. They have boasted two of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game - Joe Montana and Steve Young.

This year, their onfield general is an even better story. Quarterback Brock Purdy was the last player taken in the 2022 college draft in this same city and earned the nickname 'Mr Irrelevant'. Two years later, he is on the game's biggest stage.

Another key player for San Francisco is running back Christian McCaffrey, who will try to follow dad Ed to a Super Bowl victory with the Niners.

Join us for kickoff at 12:30pm.


Super Bowl punter's Kiwi parents excited for America's biggest game

A Kiwi mum and dad will be taking a keener interest than most in Monday's Super Bowl between San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, with their son playing in the NFL's pinnacle event.  

Marty and Penny Wishnowsky are the parents of Mitch Wishnowsky, the punter for San Francisco 49ers.   

"We're definitely nervous about the Super Bowl, we would love him to win it," said Penny. 

Marty and Penny are originally from Hawke's Bay, but their son was born and raised in Australia.

This isn't Wishnowsky's first Super Bowl experience. He became the first Australian to ever play in American Football's biggest game in Super Bowl LIV, but his 49ers lost 31-20 to Kansas City Chiefs.  

San Francisco punter Mitch Wishnowsky.
San Francisco punter Mitch Wishnowsky. Photo credit: Getty Images

"He was sports-mad from a tiny tot, but I didn't think it would be American football," Penny laughed.  

The Aussie ended up in the US simply by chance.   

"He had a couple of friendly games of American football, and someone took film of him and sent it over to someone over there, and they contacted him."  

Now their son is looking to create another piece of history.   

"I'm living my dream as good as it is, so I'm with that, but I would love to win a Super Bowl, and be the first Aussie to play in it and win it."