Motorsport: Kiwi ace Liam Lawson puts no timeline on wait for fulltime Formula One drive

Kiwi Formula One hopeful Liam Lawson isn't yet ready to look beyond his immediate goal of securing a fulltime seat in the big show and one day being crowned world champion.

After a frustrating year that saw him log five drives in an AlphaTauri car, while Aussie Daniel Ricciardo nursed a broken hand, Lawson, 21, will return to the pits, biding his time, waiting for another chance to show his wares.

Those performances - including the team's first points of the season at the Singapore Grand Prix - suggested he is not out of his depth, but motorsport politics would not be denied.

Liam Lawson in the Formula One pits.
Liam Lawson in the Formula One pits. Photo credit: Getty Images

Liam Lawson: In the Wings is a behind-the-scenes documentary that charts the young Kiwi's trajectory towards motorsport's elite - but what if that dream never happens. What is Plan B?

"I actually don't know and I get asked that question sometimes," he told AM. "I think, when I was younger, it was always, 'Liam, what's your back-up?' and I never had one.

"I've never thought about what else I would do. I only ever saw myself racing cars and driving Formula One.

"Honestly, I have no idea... it would be some form of motorsport, I'm sure, but racing Formula One is all I've thought about."

It's a career path that took Lawson away from home as a teenager, bolstered by the support of his family.

"At that time, I was just excited to go race overseas," he said. "It was a big opportunity to go to Europe and it probably wasn't until I was in the season that I realised I missed home a little bit, but it's part of the job."

Lawson faces another season as reserve driver for Oracle Red Bull Racing and Scuderia AphaTauri, just waiting for that next big chance... but what if it never comes? When does he pull the plug?

"It's a difficult question," he admitted. "I guess you probably know at that time.

"It's a pretty brutal sport. As you say, people get really close, but there are only 20 seats and there are a lot more than 20 guys coming through.

"There are a lot of guys that deserve to be there, as well, in similar situations to me. For me, that time is not right now - I would know if it was."

Liam Lawson: In the Wings can now be viewed on Red Bull TV