Paris Olympics: Cyclist Shaane Fulton overcomes serious hip injury to pursue Games selection

Cyclist Shaane Fulton is determined to use the frustration of the last two years as fuel, as she eyes Olympic glory.

The sprinter suffered a serious hip injury, just after the passing of one of her good mates. Now she's back training and competing, that pain is pushing her towards Paris.

For Fulton, the last two years have been "very tough".

Shaane Fulton contests the UCI Nations Cup.
Shaane Fulton contests the UCI Nations Cup. Photo credit: Photosport

"I try not to get teary eyed," she told Newshub. "Yeah, it's been a tough couple of years, aye."

In 2021, just two months after the sudden passing of teammate Olivia Podmore, Fulton suffered a serious hip injury.

"I went to the gym one day and then I couldn't squat full range anymore," she said. "Within two weeks, I couldn't walk and then it all unfolded from there."

Five screws were inserted, ranging from 5-11 centimetres. She keeps them in her bag as a reminder.

"Just a step in the journey and just keep going," reflected Fulton. "This is where you've been." 

The road to recovery was a long one, made even more frustrating by seeing her teammates clean up at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. The same teammates have ensured she got back on the track.

"I felt like I was really sad and angry and so annoyed for such a long amount of time, and even still now," she said. "Having the understanding from them really helped that, and that unity was and is such a big part." 

Fulton's been back with the programme fulltime for a few months and is counting down the days until the Olympics.

"I'm very excited." 

After all that she's been through, that's pretty understandable.