Cricket: Blackcap Matt Henry unconcerned with teammate Daryl Mitchell's reaction to Australia loss

The Blackcaps' star bowler Matt Henry says he isn't worried about Daryl Mitchell's comments after his teammate stunned Ex-test greats with his reaction to their loss to Australia in the second test in Christchurch.   

Speaking with radio broadcasters SENZ after the match, Mitchell said the Black Caps won't be "defined by outcomes".    

"We're defined by how we play cricket and hopefully how we inspire our country to play the game," the all-rounder continued.    

"Although we didn't get the win that we wanted, I think if we keep turning up and keep playing cricket like this, puffing our chests out and doing it with a smile on our face and hopefully inspiring many young kids here in New Zealand to play test cricket in the future, then we're doing the right thing."   

 Daryl Mitchell fails to save a boundary.
Daryl Mitchell fails to save a boundary. Photo credit: Getty Images

The comments quickly caught the attention of Jeremy Coney, who captained New Zealand to a test series win over Australia in 1985-1986, and Ian Smith, who was wicketkeeper during that series.   

The pair were clearly unhappy with Mitchell's comments.    

"Give me a break... winning is actually the key to it all," Coney said in response. "We kind of get what he's meaning, but actually young kids will follow the New Zealand side when they win. 

"Any position that you do, you have to do it well in order to remain doing it for a start. If you do it poorly, you're out. So don't tell me that outcomes have got nothing to do with international sport."  

Smith, who now commentates cricket games alongside Coney, was just as furious.

"I'm going to take two or three deep breaths here and then still say, I don't believe I just heard a New Zealand cricketer say, 'we're not defined by the outcomes' of a test match against Australia.

Sky TV commentator Ian Smith.
Sky TV commentator Ian Smith. Photo credit: Photosport

"If we were to ask Darryl Mitchell, had they got up and won that test, asked them the very same question, he wouldn't have said, 'Really, winning didn't really matter to us, it was more the way we were appreciated and respected by our crowds and our kids coming through to play the game'.   

"I'm sorry... unless I've been so far removed from the game, I don't understand that. I simply don't, and I hope it was just a mistake to be perfectly honest."   

Matt Henry, who was awarded player of the series after taking 17 wickets, shared his take on it on Tuesday morning.   

"I think obviously we knew what Daryl was trying to say," Henry said.    

"It's never easy to face the media straight after a loss like that. You look at Daryl as a player and how well he's done and he's one of the most competitive guys I know. He's put our team in so many winning situations over the years."   

However, unlike Mitchell, the seamer did mention the importance of achieving results.   

"Yeah, I think as a group we're playing in a test match obviously trying to make our country proud and we want to play the best cricket we possibly can and obviously we're out there to try and win."  

Australia leaves New Zealand having swept the Blackcaps in both the Twenty20 series and test series.    

The Blackcaps were in a prime position to win their first test match against their trans-Tasman rivals since 2011 but were unable to capitalise as Australia fought back to win.    

"Unfortunately, yesterday we had a partnership between Carey and Marsh that we just couldn't quite break, and it was disappointing to not get over the line," Henry said.