Watch: Speedway fans' near-miss as car crashes over safety fence in Dunedin

Speedway fans in Ōtepoti/Dunedin had a close call on Friday night, after a car crashed through a barrier fence into the crowd.

Nobody was injured in the accident, including drivers Brian Nicolaou and Brent Bradley.

In a video of the streetstock race shot at the Beachlands Speedway, one car appears to nick the bumper of another.

The first car launches several metres up in the air, knocking out overhead wiring and the safety fence as it crashes to the ground. Meanwhile, the other barrel-rolls several times.

Speedway New Zealand CEO Ricky Boulton told Newshub two cars came together in a typical streetstock manouevre, before things went wrong.

"A bit of a freak accident to have that happen, and it managed to catch the very top of the catch fence, which catapulted the car upside down," he said.

It landed in what's called the "public area", Boulton added.

He stressed that no rules were broken by drivers or spectators.

"The fence had met all the standards of Speedway New Zealand," Boulton said.

He said at Beachlands Speedway, spectators sit "a fair way back from the fence, hence why we've managed not to have any injuries or fatalities".

He said Speedway's health and safety team will do a full investigation.

Matt Stewart, president of Beachlands Speedway also said it was a "freak accident".

A witness told Newshub she had been going to Beachlands Speedway for years, and had never seen a car go over the safety fence.

"Usually that area would be packed with people but being a Friday night it wasn't as busy as a usual Saturday night."

She said the crowd was "definitely shocked" about the accident.

The race was a contact grade event, so fans expect to see some contact, she added.

The Beachlands Speedway event this weekend is a fundraiser for Mike King's I Am Hope foundation.

King and other well-known Kiwi faces are set to take part in a celebrity race as part of the event.

Watch the full video of the crash below.