Google launching Nest Wi-Fi in New Zealand

Google Nest Wi-Fi.
Google Nest Wi-Fi. Photo credit: Google

New Zealanders looking for ways to boost their home Wi-Fi connections will soon be offered Google's latest hardware, Nest Wi-Fi.

The new router goes on sale next week promising double the Wi-Fi streams and more than two times the processing power of its original system, Google Wi-Fi.

It's meant to provide up to 25 percent better coverage and faster speeds of up to 2.2Gbps.

The new router plugs directly into the modem while additional devices - that don't need to be hardwired - can be added around the house. These can communicate with each other to provide a strong connection from room to room.

For those already using a Google Wi-Fi network, Nest Wi-Fi can still be added for additional coverage.

Nest Wi-Fi is set up and managed through the Google Home App, which also controls other compatible devices such as light bulbs and speakers. 

The app allows the user to share their Wi-Fi password with guests, prioritise devices and manage family use such as pausing Wi-Fi to certain devices during dinnertime or bedtimes. Certain kinds of explicit content can also be blocked.

Google says Nest Wi-Fi will be kept up to date with automatic security and performance enhancements pushed directly to the devices.

The Nest Wi-Fi units have been designed to be attractive enough to be on show, so that the router can get the best signal. 

Google says they've been built using sustainable materials, with the enclosure made from 45 percent post-consumer recycled plastic.

Nest Wi-Fi will cost $299 and is available from October 14 from major electrical retailers.

Google has also partnered with Orcon so that new sign-ups on certain plans will get Nest Wi-Fi for free. The router can be plugged straight into a Chorus Optical Network terminal in the home, doing away with the need for a modem. Additional devices will cost extra.