How you can give the gift of time with new tech this Christmas

How you can give the gift of time with new tech this Christmas
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Gifting someone new tech for Christmas might make you worry about how difficult it will be for them to use.

It's a great idea to finally get Uncle John onto a Kindle or grandma FaceTiming the little ones from a new iPad, but how frustrating will it be to get their fancy new gadget working?

Noel Leeming Tech Solutions understands tech can be challenging to some, and to help with this they can make sure the Kindle, iPad or whatever it might be, is all set up correctly and ready to use.

Giving the service as part of a Christmas present is basically giving your loved one the gift of time, so they can crack on with the stuff that really matters over summer, like relaxing with the family.

Manminder Singh is a Noel Leeming Tech Solutions specialist who absolutely loves his job and says the best part of it is just how happy customers are when he says goodbye to them.

"I did a laptop set up for a lady in Auckland whose son lives in Singapore. He's been working there and was planning to come back for Christmas time, but unfortunately due to travel restrictions he is not able to this year," says Singh.

The customer had never owned a laptop before, so while at her home Singh created a login, email address and Skype account for her. He then showed her step-by-step how to turn it on, video call her son and turn it back off again.

"As I was leaving, the gratitude she had just can't describe it. When someone looks at you and they don't have the words to say 'thank you' for what you've done - because she hasn't just bought a computer, this is something that's going to change her life and keep her more connected to her family. It's priceless."

How you can give the gift of time with new tech this Christmas
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Tech Solutions is the ideal service to get your new tech purchase up and running, and every purchase at Noel Leeming also comes with one year free support via the 0800 HELP NL helpdesk, which means any difficulties down the road can be easily sorted out over the phone.

This is particularly helpful for older or more isolated family members who are relying on technology to stay connected to the rest of the family. Having the real experts help out will also be a huge relief to the family's designated IT helper.

"Whenever we do a job in a customer's home, we have to bullet point everything and take photos of the work we've done - what's connected to each HDMI port, how the sound is connected, how the internet is connected," says Singh. 

"Then whenever the customer calls for support on 0800 HELP NL, the team will see everything we've set up and know exactly what the customer needs to do. And it's not an external company - it's Noel Leeming's own helpdesk, based here in New Zealand. So you're going to get someone local who knows all about your specific set-up and what needs to be done to make everything work for you."

Of course, some family members won't need help setting up a new tech gift. But who wouldn't like more time over Christmas?

"Think of it as if you go out and buy a BBQ - it looked very nice in the store, but at home it might take four or five hours to construct it. If you have an expert come to do it, it'll take them less than an hour and in that time you can be getting the meal ready and relaxing. It's the same concept with us," says Singh. 

"If you're getting a new TV, a computer, a soundbar or the internet set up - we've done all of that so many times. We get it done efficiently, we give you the training to make sure you know all about it, but in the meantime you get time back with your family."

You can find out more about how to give a loved one the priceless gift of time as well as an exciting new piece of tech this Christmas on the Noel Leeming website.

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