Moving house soon? Do yourself a favour and take away some of the stress with this service

Moving house soon? Do yourself a favour and take away some of the stress with this service
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Statistically, March through May is the busiest time of year for Kiwis moving house.

Shifting all of your worldly possessions from one property to another and switching over all of your accounts and everything else can make this process one of the most stressful times of your life.

But there's also a lot of excitement in setting up your new place and it is the perfect time to finally upgrade some of your older appliances, too.

Noel Leeming Tech Solutions can take a lot of stress out of your move and ensure all the technology in your new home is organized perfectly and firing on all cylinders.

It's a comprehensive service that starts with a free, no-strings attached consultation.

A tech expert will come over to your place and talk through what your needs are, what your budget is, what tech you've already got and what's going to work best in the new place.

Once you've got your own customised plan, they can then professionally install and set up all the tech in your new home and can even take care of getting rid of the old appliances you're replacing - which means one less annoying trip to the dump for you.

The service can include things like making sure your Wi-Fi is humming as fast as possible in every corner of the new place, as well as making sure you've got the best sized TV for your new lounge and that it's mounted beautifully in the best possible position.

Some of us can possibly do that sort of thing ourselves - but how long is that going to take when you've got everything else to sort out with the move? Having it done professionally for a reasonable price also means there'll be no 'She'll be right' shortcuts taken during the install.

Moving house soon? Do yourself a favour and take away some of the stress with this service
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Setting up your new place is also an ideal time to take your first steps toward building a smart home, if you haven't already. Getting a smart security system set up or smart lighting you can operate from your phone is a lot less expensive than you might think and walking into that will make getting to know your new abode all the more exciting.

Noel Leeming can scale the service to suit your needs, from helping you choose and install just one item right on up to decking out the new place completely in all the latest tech. On those bigger jobs, they'll sort out dealing with contractors like electricians where it's needed - if you want them to - meaning you have to spend as little time on organizing it all as possible. 

Once you're all set up and moved into your new home, Noel Leeming will provide free tech support for a year thereafter, too. If something stops working or you need some help remembering how to use a piece of tech, they're just a phone call away.

"We offer an in-home consultation, a virtual consultation or you can also chat with one of our consultants on our website," says Noel Leeming consultation trading manager Lester Toeaina.

"Our goal with consultation is to help kiwis live better by getting the most out of their technology. Our team of tech experts want to take some of the stress out of moving to your new home."

"This service comes with a no obligation to buy and our consultants can recommend tailor made solutions to suit different lifestyles and budgets," he says.

The company's aim is to form long-term relationships with customers by providing the best service in New Zealand. The team hopes that by giving you the gift of time and helping take the stress out of moving house, you'll definitely want to call on them again next time you move.

So if you are moving soon, why not start with a free in-home consultation and check it out for yourself.

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