Donald Trump launches new one-way social media platform, immediately calls 2020 election a 'big lie'

Former US President Donald Trump was permanently suspended by Twitter in January.
The former US President was permanently suspended by Twitter in January. Photo credit: Getty

With other social media platforms remaining off-bounds, former US President Donald Trump has launched a new means of communicating with his supporters.

'From the Desk of Donald J. Trump' launched this week - a platform allowing him to share short messages, images and videos with a limited set of sharing options for those to be amplified.

Early messages are reminiscent of Trump's tweeting style, with references to critic Liz Cheney as a "big-shot warmonger", and his 2020 presidential election defeat to Joe Biden being described as "fraudulent" and "the big lie".

Communication is one-way only, however, with no functionality for Trump's statements to be replied to.

A video on the site proclaims "in a time of silence and lies, a beacon of freedom arises, a place to speak freely and safely, straight from the desk of Donald J. Trump".

Senior advisor to Trump, Jason Miller, denied it was a new social media platform, saying additional information on that would be unveiled soon.

Trump was permanently suspended by Twitter following the US Capitol riot in early January "due to the risk of further incitement of violence".

His Facebook future will be revealed at 1am on Thursday NZ time when the social media giant's independent oversight board will announce whether it's overturning his indefinite suspension.

Trump also remains suspended from posting new videos to streaming platform YouTube.