New E Ink technology could lead to cheaper and better eReaders

  • 27/05/2021
The increased contrast ratio should mean clearer text for readers.
The increased contrast ratio should mean clearer text for readers Photo credit: Getty Images

E Ink, the company that makes screens for eReaders, has unveiled a new technology that could mean a better reading experience and cheaper devices for users.

Popular branded eReaders Kindle and Kobo both use E Ink's Carta grey scale displays.

The On-Cell Touch ePaper differs from currency technology because the touch sensor is built into the screen rather than laminated on top of the ePaper display.

"With the integration of touch into the ePaper module, the optical performance of ePaper displays increase," said Dr FY Gan, President of E Ink.

"The new On-Cell Touch ePaper module will become a standard product for use in eReaders and eNotes, giving customers product options with a more price competitive edge," he said. 

eReaders which display in black and white will see a 30 percent increase in the contrast ratio of the content, which should mean clearer text for readers.

For coloured eReader screens, the contrast ratio increases by 40 percent while colour saturation will improve by 15 percent.

eReaders mimic the appearance of ink on paper, have a long battery life and are easier to read in direct sunlight compared to the LED screens on phones and tablets.