Orcon ditches home and work definitions on new unlimited hyperfibre plans

Hyperfibre allows speeds up to 40 times quicker than average connections.
Hyperfibre allows speeds up to 40 times quicker than average connections. Photo credit: Getty Images

With the definition between home and work blurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, New Zealand ISP Orcon is offering Kiwis new super-fast, unlimited internet options.

The company is scrapping its distinctions between 'business' and 'residential' plans and instead will offer tailored solutions to meet a customer's needs, says the company's chief executive Taryn Hamilton.

Orcon's hyperfibre is going to be widely available and allow speeds at up to 40 times faster than the average connection.

On offer is a new 2000Mbps plan, a reduced cost of the 4000Mbss plan and soon an 8000Mbps plan.

The 2000Mbps plan starts at $149.95 per month on a 12-month plan, while the 4000Mbps plan starting at $184.95 per month for the same contract length.

"Connectivity in the home is no longer just about smooth 4K streaming. We know people run business-critical applications from their home office, and there's a need to offer more than just a straight pipe," said Hamilton.

"We saw a real opportunity to create an ISP straddling the reality of a blended world and offering new and innovative solutions to modern internet problems."

Chorus, Aotearoa's telecoms infrastructure provider, says hyperfibre's speed and capacity means the connection should remain rock solid even with multiple connected devices streaming ultra-high definition video, uploading videos, gaming and working from home.

There are currently only six companies offering hyperfibre for home connections with major ISPs like Spark and Vodafone not on the list.

Hamilton concedes most New Zealanders don't need internet connections as fast as hyperfibre offers, but Orcon simply wants to offer the fastest plans possible.

The company also announced three other core products in addition to its hyperfibre plans.

Wi-Fi Pro guarantees a strong Wi-Fi signal through the house, Orcon says, with the optimal number of Google Nest Wi-Fi units recommended based on address records and premise size data, with more sent at no cost if additional coverage is needed. 

Priority support will also be available for $15 per month, meaning if there's a technical fault the customer jumps the queue to have an onsite technician visit or talk with the next available customer support person. 

Orcon didn't say what the average wait time for people calling its helpdesk is, so it's unclear how much time that $15 per month will buy a customer.

4G backup is also available, meaning if a fibre connection goes down for any reason the modem will switch over to 4G automatically.