Twitter Blue confirmed, subscription to cost NZ$4.99 per month

The microblogging platform had previously released plans to allow micro-tipping and 'Super Followers'.
The platform had previously released plans to allow micro-tipping and 'Super Followers' Photo credit: Getty Images

Twitter has confirmed its previously rumoured tiered paid service 'Twitter Blue', with the social media company offering the subscription via the iOS App Store.

It will cost $4.99 per month in New Zealand but doesn't appear to be available to purchase in Aotearoa at the time of writing. However, using the App Store from New Zealand does show the option under the In-App Purchases section of Twitter's listing.

Technology tipster Jane Manchung Wong, who originally shared the news about Twitter Blue, has successfully signed up and shared screenshots.

The first rumours of functionality on the paid tier included the ability to undo sending a tweet and creating bookmark collections.

Other new features, according to new claims by Wong made today, include a reader mode that converts threads into easy to read text, and options to change the colour theme and the app icon.

The microblogging platform's CEO, Jack Dorsey, confirmed last July it was exploring a subscription model.

It has also released plans to allow both micro-tipping via a 'tip jar' and paid subscriptions to create 'Super Followers', who will get additional content.