How Google Street View is connecting people with their dead relatives

There's even a way to get access to the old photographs if Google updates them.
There's even a way to get access to the old photographs if Google updates them Photo credit: Google Street View

The ubiquitous map apps on our mobile phones can help make sure we're heading in the right direction, but some users have found a more touching use - connecting with their dead relatives.

Fesshole, a popular Twitter account with nearly 150,000 followers, allows users to submit anonymous confessions with one sparking some touching responses from all over the world.

"I go on Google Maps to the images that were dates (sic) as being taken before my dad died so I can walk around a little bit in a world where he is still with me," the anonymous person wrote.

That prompted others to share the images of their relatives that they use Google's Street View functionality to remain connected to.

"My dad returning from walking our dog back in 2009 at our old house. Dad and dog since deceased but most definitely still with us in our hearts," wrote user hairy-viking.

"Here's my Dad in 2008, three years before he died. He's in four frames, clearly fascinated by the Google camera. Looks like a lovely day," wrote user TimothySoar.

"It's the first anniversary of my dad's funeral tomorrow. I still get to visit him doing his most favourite thing though, which always makes me smile. With his rest-stool and his coffee," wrote user EveHarvey.

"This is my Nonna in Sicily, sitting on her apartment balcony as she often did. She died two years ago from a sudden stroke. She would shout her order to the bakers across the street and have bread put into a basket which she'd pull up on a rope. I miss her sense of humour," wrote user michaelpumo.

Google Street View was launched in 2007 in the US before rolling out worldwide.

One tweeter, bobblebardsley, even revealed how users can go back and see previous photos if Google updates the photograph to a newer version.

"If the photos ever get updated, click the little clock icon with the arrow around it and you can go back to any previous image," they tweeted.