Instagram and Facebook offering new features for creators to make money

A native affiliate tool is also being created, which will be tested in the US first before expanding.
A native affiliate tool is also being created, which will be tested in the US first Photo credit: Supplied

Instagram and Facebook are rolling out new features to encourage creators to continue using the platforms to tell stories and make a living out of it.

The announcement came during day one of the first ever Creator Week from the social media giants, covering insights into how to build a brand as well as media training and how to start a podcast.

From today, creators around the world who already have their own products on sale will now be able to link their shop to their personal profiles as well as their business profiles.

And starting this week, there are changes to badges on Instagram Live and Stars on Facebook, the company said in a blog post.

Instagram creators can earn extra money by meeting milestones while using badges, for example going live with another account.

Stars Challenges, which launches today on Facebook, can earn creators free Stars if they earn a set number of Stars over a given time period or broadcast for a specified number of hours.

"Today's updates are a big part of a broader effort to support creators as they build their careers," the company wrote.

"Whether creators want to connect with brands, get paid for their content or earn money directly from their fans, we are committed to building the right mix of tools to help them accomplish their goals."

Over the next few months Instagram is going to be testing a native affiliate tool with creators earning commissions for the purchases they drive by sharing the products with their followers.

Initially that will be tested with a small group of US-based creators and businesses before expanding.

"To help more creators make a living on our platforms, we're going to keep paid online events, fan subscriptions, badges, and our upcoming independent news products free for creators until 2023," CEO Mark Zuckerberg added in a Facebook post.

"And when we do introduce a revenue share, it will be less than the 30 percent that Apple and others take."