John McAfee: Internet questions death after unearthing Jeffrey Epstein tweet

However, both the local authorities and his lawyer say he committed suicide.
However, both the local authorities and his lawyer say he committed suicide. Photo credit: Getty Images.

The death of technology tycoon John McAfee instantly set the internet alight with conspiracy theories, with one particular tweet gaining a lot of interest.

McAfee, the 75-year-old best known as the creator of the well-known antivirus software, was arrested in Spain last year on tax evasion charges. On Thursday, hours after a court approved his extradition to the United States where he could have faced jail, the businessman was found dead in his cell.

According to a statement from the Catalan justice department, medics attempted to save the man, but failed. His death is now under investigation, but "everything points to death by suicide".

His lawyer told Reuters that McAfee hung himself in the cell.

However, upon news of the tycoon's death, many online have pointed out comparisons to the death of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who died in a New York prison cell while awaiting trial in 2019. 

His death was ruled to be a suicide, something disputed by his lawyers. Due to a large number of irregularities on the night he died - like cameras outside his cell not working and guards falling asleep - Epstein's death has been the focus of many theories and memes suggesting he didn't kill himself.

A tweet from McAfee shared following his arrest last October has received significant attention since his death. Writing from prison, he said he was "content" and had "friends". 

"The food is good. All is well. Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine."

That tweet has been shared thousands of times on Thursday. 

"I don't buy that he committed suicide & he pretty much says the same thing," one person wrote

"John McAfee definitely didn't kill himself. The US government must think we're all idiots at this point."

A number of tweets were shared from McAfee's account in recent weeks, including one on June 11 when he again said he was "content". A tweet from his wife, saying he was "loved and appreciated" was also shared on Sunday. 

McAfee, who sold his software company to Intel in 2011 and no longer had any involvement in the business, lived a colourful life.

He said in 2019 that he had not paid US income taxes for eight years for ideological reasons. That year, he left the United States to avoid trial, largely living on a megayacht with his wife, four large dogs, two security guards and seven staff.

He offered to help Cuba avoid a US trade embargo using cryptocurrency and sought to run for US president for the Libertarian Party.

McAfee, who said in 2018 that he had fathered at least 47 children, lived in Belize for several years. He fled after police sought him for questioning in the 2012 murder of a neighbour. He had a million followers on Twitter.

He met his wife, Janice McAfee, when she solicited him as a prostitute while he was on the run, he said.

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