Man confesses to murder of wife after smartphone data showed he lied

Evidence he disabled the couple's home security system was proof of premeditation, police said.
Evidence he disabled the couple's home security system was proof of premeditation, police said Photo credit: Getty Images

A Greek man has been charged with the murder of his English-born wife after the family's smart devices showed he lied to police, forcing a confession.

Caroline Crouch's body was found next to her unharmed 11-month-old baby girl in May, with her husband Babis Anagnostopoulos claiming his wife had been killed by three armed intruders who broke into their home near Athens.

He also said they had killed the family dog, tied him up and stolen thousands of dollars worth of valuables during the break-in.

However when police tried to verify the commercial helicopter pilot's account of the event using evidence from smartphones and smartwatches, his story fell apart.

Twenty-year-old Crouch's heartbeat recording smartwatch showed significant discrepancies from when her husband said she had been murdered.

And 33-year-old Anagnostopoulos's phone activity tracker showed him moving around the house during the time he said he was tied up.

"Anagnostopoulos was confronted by investigators with evidence that he lied about the events of May 11 - there was no home invasion and he did not spend the night bound to a chair, and he attempted to confess to killing her in a rage and covering it up," a anonymous police officer said, according to Vice reports.

But when investigators showed him evidence he had disabled the home security system hours earlier, it became apparent it was premeditated, the police said.

Anagnostopoulos was approached after a memorial service for his wife and told there had been a breakthrough in the case and was taken to Athens. He confessed after eight hours of questioning.

He is now facing two murder charges as well as a misdemeanour charge for hanging the family dog from a staircase.