Petition seeks to block Jeff Bezos's re-entry to Earth after space flight

The Amazon billionaire and his brother are heading into sub-orbital space in July.
The Amazon billionaire and his brother are heading into sub-orbital space in July Photo credit: Getty Images

After Jeff Bezos announced earlier this month he was heading to space in July a petition has been signed by thousands wanting to deny the Amazon founder re-entry to Earth.

Over 7500 people have signed the - presumably - tongue-in-cheek petition at which compares the bald billionaire to Superman's arch-rival Lex Luthor.

Bezos, one of the richest men in the world, will fly with his brother Mark and the mystery bidder who paid US$28 million at an auction for a seat on the first crewed space flight from his rocket company Blue Origin.

Jose Ortiz, who started the petition, wrote that Bezos is "an evil overlord hellbent on global domination".

They also poked fun at well-known conspiracy theories to bolster his case that the billionaire shouldn't be allowed back.

"Jeff has worked with the Epsteins and the Knights Templar, as well as the Free Masons to gain control over the whole world. He's also in bed with the flat earth deniers; it's the only way they'll allow him to leave the atmosphere," they wrote.

"This may be our last chance before they enable the 5G microchips and perform a mass takeover."

And while the petition may be in jest, it's clear that at least some of the signers aren't joking.

The most upvoted comment tells Bezos to leave and "take Elon with you", a reference to SpaceX boss Elon Musk, while another says that "Bezos is a cancer upon this planet".

The New Shepard rocket and capsule which will carry Bezos and his fellow passengers more than 100km above the earth's surface and into suborbital space.

That will give those onboard a few minutes of weightlessness before the capsule returns to the surface, with parachutes slowing it down.