Apple set to launch titanium iPhone, but not until 2022 - report

The new iPhone 13 is expected to be launched at Apple's traditional September keynote.
The new iPhone 13 is expected to be launched at Apple's traditional September keynote. Photo credit: Getty Images

As rumours of updated Apple products continue abound ahead of an expected September keynote, a new report indicates we can expect a titanium iPhone - but not until 2022.

An analyst report from JP Morgan Chase says the iPhone 14 series will be launched in the second half of next year with the high-end version, currently called the Pro, expected to be made of a titanium alloy.

iPhoneWired reported the news and also says specification upgrades for the iPhone 14 would be greater than the upgrades for the iPhone 13.

Titanium alloys are mixes of metals that make it stronger than stainless steel and aluminium, meaning less material is needed. This could mean the 2022 iPhone is lighter than previous versions.

Apple was granted a patent in January for methods to turn the normally matte finish of titanium to a glossy finish, an early indication it may be considering the use of the metal for its range of smartphones, iPads and even MacBooks.

The company already offers a titanium case Apple Watch.

Earlier this month Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who writes the tech-focused Power On newsletter, revealed the upcoming iPhone 13 is likely to feature always-on displays and 120Hz refresh rate screens.

A faster A15 chip, a smaller notch at the top of the screen, upgrades to video recording and a new display for better battery life are also expected, he wrote.

There has also been speculation this year's updates will include portless models, meaning wireless transfers and MagSafe charging instead of plugging anything into the phone.

Last week Nikkei Asia reported a new version of Apple's earbuds - the AirPods 3 - were due to go into production in August. The report also said all iPhone models will offer 5G connectivity, including the budget SE, while updates to the MacBook Pro range are also expected.

And the new MacBook Air is set for a physical redesign with more angular edges, says Forbes. It's also expected to have a miniLED display for the first time.

Apple doesn't officially comment on such rumours.