TikTok partners with WWE, Target to allow users to apply for jobs with videos

The pilot program gives users a different way to showcase their skills and experience.
The pilot program gives users a different way to showcase their skills and experience Photo credit: Getty Images

Social media app TikTok is expanding from creating, sharing and finding short videos to allowing people to apply for jobs through the platform.

The company has announced a new pilot programme in the US entitled 'TikTok Resumes' that lets users upload videos to apply for roles at WWE, Target, Shopify and more.

"TikTok believes there's an opportunity to bring more value to people's experience with TikTok by enhancing the utility of the platform as a channel for recruitment," the company wrote.

"Short, creative videos, combined with TikTok's easy-to-use, built-in creation tools have organically created new ways to discover talented candidates and career opportunities."

TikTok is the world's seventh most used social network with 689 million global active users as of January 2021, according to social media management company Hootsuite.

In the US there are nearly 100 million monthly active users with 48 percent of users aged between 18 and 29.

It's those Gen Z users that are largely the target of this programme, says Kayla Dixon, marketing manager at TikTok.

"TikTok Resumes is a natural extension of our TikTok College Ambassadors program, where we previously employed hundreds of college students as on-campus brand representatives," she said.

"We're excited to help students and job seekers everywhere unleash their creativity and 'get the bag!'"

The company isn't the first social networking company to target job applications.

Dating app Bumble, Facebook and professional social networking site LinkedIn are among the others who offer similar services.