Apple bans Unjected, a dating app for the unvaccinated, from App Store

The app has attracted derision on social media, including the nickname 'OK Q-pid'.
The app has attracted derision on social media, including the nickname 'OK Q-pid'. Photo credit: Getty Images

A new social app offering "fulfilling friendships and love" for exclusively unvaccinated people has been pulled from Apple's App Store for violating its COVID-19 policies.

But Unjected, which was created by two women "seeking the like minded, the covid unvaccinated", is still available through Google's Android Play Store.

Apple took action after being contacted by Bloomberg for a story on how the app was testing both of the internet giants' policies on vaccines.

Unjected had originally been denied a listing in the App Store - but changes were made to comply with policies and it was made available.

Once it was live updates were made to the app that then brought it out of compliance, including a social feed.

There was also an attempt to cheat the system by encouraging users to avoid certain words to avoid detection, Apple said. This included "vaccine", "jabbed" and "microchip".

That social feed also drew Google's attention, with a review finding user-generated content wasn't being dealt with appropriately. That included posts referring to "bioweapons" and "nano-technology microchips", Bloomberg reported.

After a warning from Google it had two weeks to remove the posts or be removed from the Play Store, Unjected ditched the social feed.

But co-founder Shelby Thomson told Bloomberg the plan is to restore it along with the posts Google had an issue with - but this time hopes to stay "under the radar".

Unjected was launched in May and has attracted derision on social media, including one user who branded it "OK Q-pid".

It came after the White House teamed up with nine different dating apps - including Tinder, Match and Bumble - to encourage users to get vaccinated.

"The only statement we have is that we are a respectful group of people supporting their medical autonomy and freedom of choice," Unjected told Gizmodo.

The creators also felt their treatment was "unjust censorship" and Google and Apple's policies violated their constitutional rights.

In an image on its Play Store listing, Unjected states the science on COVID-19 vaccines "isn't settled" and that vaccines are "shedding dangerous spike proteins".

"Those who have chosen not to be apart (sic) of the trials have documented adverse events after being exposed to the vaccinated," it states.

"We believe in the power of the silent majority and want to ensure a platform; a safe space for the unvaccinated to come together uncensored through business, friendship or love."

According to Google's latest statistics, there have been 198 million COVID-19 cases worldwide with 4.22 million deaths so far.