Twitter updates direct messaging functionality with new features

The changes come after the social media giant's recent custom font changes.
The changes come after the social media giant's recent custom font changes. Photo credit: Getty Images

Twitter has updated its direct messages (DMs).

The social media giant has announced several new changes to direct messaging on the platform that will be rolling out within the next few weeks, including improved interaction with sending tweets via DMs, and several quality of life changes.

Users will soon be able to send a tweet or message to 20 separate conversations without it grouping all the users into one chat, making it easier to send one specific message to multiple people.

Twitter is also adding a quick-scroll button, which will take users straight to the latest message in a conversation if they've scrolled up to read past DMs, and a new reaction feature that will allow people to long press on a message to add a specific reaction.

There will also be an update to the look of the DMs tab on the Twitter app, as timestamp clutter will be reduced by grouping messages by date, making it easier to navigate a conversation.

The changes come after Twitter recently underwent a redesign which it was forced to roll back after users complained about the new style.

The redesign involved a custom font, Chirp, and high-contrast colours, with the social networking platform admitting "it might feel weird at first".

However, some users - including those with accessibility needs - insisted the new design was hard to read, uncomfortably bright and confusing, while others claimed they suffered from headaches and discomfort due to the design.