Health officials hoping entrepreneur's new website Time in the Line will speed up vaccinations

A local website made in lockdown has caught the eye of government officials hoping it'll speed up vaccinations. 

The website, called Time in the Line, tells Kiwis how long the queue is at their local supermarket, testing station or vaccination centre.

The peak of the Delta outbreak saw supermarkets slammed and testing stations overrun, with queues over an hour long. 

But what creative entrepreneur Ben Crawford and his business partner saw was an opportunity. 

"We could just see that people were frustrated at how long they were waiting and you couldn't really tell how long that was until you turned up," Crawford tells Newshub

In less than a week they created the website 'Time in the Line' which lets Kiwis know how long they'll have to wait at essential services.

"I think that's going to be playing a really important role over the next few weeks and months as we try to get everyone vaccinated," Crawford says.

The Ministry of Health thinks so too with officials contacting Crawford a few weeks ago offering to share the country's vaccination booking data with his website, so Kiwis can see how quickly they can get a jab at their local centre or pharmacy. 

For everything else, the website works off the public voluntarily updating wait times. So far half a million people have used it. 

"They keep it up to date regularly, which is really cool, and it's just amazing to see that we've helped people," Crawford tells Newshub. 

If Auckland moves to level 3 this week, more services could soon be added to the site. 

"I'm thinking maybe McDonald's, KFC, how long that might wait when we get down to level 3," he says. 

Knowing how much Aucklanders missed drive-through takeaways after their previous lockdown, the queues will probably still snake down the street.

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