Spotify can now sync with Philips Hue smart lights for home 'disco lights'

The algorithm promises the lights will match the beat, mood and genre.
The algorithm promises the lights will match the beat, mood and genre. Photo credit: Supplied

Among the many benefits of living in a smart home are keyless door entry, easy music streaming and automation of household tasks - now you can add disco lights to that list.

Philips Hue, a provider of smart bulbs and other devices, has partnered with Spotify to create the "first deep integration of lighting and music, providing an immersive light and music experience like no other", the company said.

To be fair, 'disco lights' might be a slightly glib way of referring to the integration, which is said to involve a complex algorithm.

It's designed to create an advanced light script for each song to ensure the lights match the beat of the music as well as the mood, genre, loudness, tempo and more.

It does this by analysing Spotify tracks in real time.

Users will be able to personalise the set-up further by starting and stopping the sync, changing the brightness and intensity of the lights, or choosing a palette to change the colours of the lights.

Rival smart light company Nanoleaf has offered a music sync option for some years, although Philips Hue insists its Spotify collaboration is more advanced.

"Entertainment, of which audio is an important ingredient, is a key focus for Philips Hue. We are constantly looking for new ways to keep offering our users the most advanced smart lighting experience," said Jasper Vervoort, business leader Philips Hue at Signify.

"By innovating with Spotify, we are proud to offer our users an immersive integration of music and light in a way never done before."

The integration will be free for people who have already acquired compatible lighting products and it doesn't require a microphone to react to the music.

This should mean background noise doesn't impact on the overall experience, the company said. 

The integration works with any Spotify-compatible device such as a laptop, smartphone or smart speaker.

"At Spotify, we're always working to create the best listening experience for every moment, via any device, throughout your day," Sten Garmark, VP of consumer experience at Spotify said.

"We're looking forward to introducing our innovative integration, where smart lighting will add another dimension to enhancing your next listening session."

Smart home devices and lightbulbs are readily available in Aotearoa, with Nanoleaf, Kasa Smart and Lenovo brands, among others, available as Philips Hue alternatives.