Legendary Chatter Telephone gets 21st century update as Fisher-Price re-enters the mobile market

The legendary phone rings when you get a call and can be answered by picking up the red handset.
The legendary phone rings when you get a call and can be answered by picking up the red handset. Photo credit: Supplied

As consumers we're used to phones getting more powerful every year, with all the functionality you need to run your life fitting in your pocket.

But one phone manufacturer is taking a step back to a different era, offering a huge new colourful mobile device with no apps but added personality and even a rotary dial.

No, it's not Apple, Samsung, Oppo or even Xiaomi who are going retro - it's Fisher-Price and a new special version of its legendary Chatter Telephone, this time for grown ups.

In the release video, reminiscent of a high-end mobile phone launch, the company promised "the past has finally arrived", offering an intuitive interface, hands on technology, numbers and eyes.

While the newly updated Chatter Telephone has wheels for rolling (which can be locked so it doesn't fall off your desk) it is missing the blue pull string that would make it even more mobile.

But it does offer plenty of other features, connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth so the rotary dial can actually be used to make calls by dialling numbers like in the old days.

Chatter rings and calls can be answered by picking up the red handset or by pressing the speakerphone button, while hanging up the handset also ends the call.

It's battery powered and charged via a microUSB port, offering nine hours of talk time and 72 hours of standby.

According to an early reviewer of the phone, Chatter also talks, saying "Hi there, good to go", when you connect via Bluetooth.

He also repeats every number as you use the rotary dial to phone your friends. And if that wasn't enough, when you turn him off he says "Love you, bye".

Kiwis hoping to score their very own version to put on their desks will need to find a means of shipping from the US, however - the new Chatter Telephone is only available at Best Buy for a limited period of time, costing US$60 ($NZ84).