PlayStation 5 gets Apple Music app, Apple extends NZ subscription offers

Subscribers could save up to $18 per month on individual subscription costs.
Subscribers could save up to $18 per month on individual subscription costs. Photo credit: Getty Images

Console gamers have more options to add tunes to their gameplay with the launch of the Apple Music app on Sony's PlayStation 5.

That means PS5 owners can now choose from the two biggest music streamers, with Spotify already available on the platform.

Music can be set to play in the background while gaming or played or as a standalone activity with both apps.

The new app deepens Apple's integration with consoles after its TV Plus app was made available on both Microsoft and Sony's new-generation consoles last year.

No annoucement has yet been made as to whether Apple Music will be made available on the PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile Apple has announced its One Premier subscription plan is launching in New Zealand next week.

Currently anyone in Aotearoa wanting to subscribe to Fitness Plus, the Cupertino-based tech giant's exercise and mindfulness app, needs a separate subscription.

The current Apple One offering includes Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade and iCloud storage. That can be extended to multiple people with the family plan.

But from November 3 the Premier subscription will offer them all together, with a family subscription to all services costing $47.95 per month, which will include 2TB of iCloud storage.

That offers a saving of nearly $18 had the services been purchased individually.

"We're excited to bring Apple One's Premier plan to more customers so they can easily enjoy Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+, and get even more iCloud storage that can be shared among family members with one simple subscription," Peter Stern, Apple’s vice president of services said.

Unfortunately for Kiwis access to Apple News Plus isn't included in the offering, with the premium news product only available in Australia, Canada, the US and the UK.

It allows access to more than 300 news outlets and magazines, as well as audio versions of the weeks' best articles.