Slack, Xero down as popular tools suffer extended outages

It's unclear at this stage whether the outages are connected.
It's unclear at this stage whether the outages are connected. Photo credit: Getty Images

Remote working, collaboration and billing has become a little bit harder for some Kiwis this morning with popular tools Slack and Xero suffering outages.

Users around the world have reported issues connecting with team working software Slack, with the company acknowledging the issue on social media.

The company wrote on social media it was aware of connectivity issues related to domain name servers (DNS) impacting "a small set of users".

"This issue was caused by our own change and not related to any third-party DNS software and services."

The company urged users to contact their ISP and ask them to flush their DNS record for Slack in order to resolve the issue faster.

"We expect all customers’ connectivity issues to be resolved within the next 12 hours," the company wrote.

"We know how important it is for people to stay connected and we apologize for this disruption. We’ll share another update when the issue is resolved."

Meanwhile users of Xero, the New Zealand cloud-based accounting software, have also had issues.

After more than seven hours of outage, the company was able to identify the underlying issues causing the disruption.

"This was related to a platform certificate issue at approximately 2pm UTC (3am NZT) which we have now resolved," the company said.

"We have implemented a fix and our service is recovering."

Xero users had taken to social media to complain with many overseas users unable to create and send month-end invoices.

"Month end today and can’t get customer invoices out in time! Not to mention a list as long as my arm of customers wanting quotes and proformas," one wrote.

Another highlighted the issues have come just after Xero has increased its prices.

"Xero have had an absolute shocker here. Last day of the month, people needing to get invoices out, and it’s down for hours. This after they hiked prices by 20 percent last week."