Facebook may face costly trademark battle over Meta name

Owners of another company using the name say they may sell it for $28 million.
Owners of another company using the name say they may sell it for $28 million. Photo credit: Getty Images / Twitter

Facebook is potentially going to have to fight for its new Meta name after it emerged another US company called Meta PC filed for the trademark in August.

The social media giant announced the move last week as it pivots to focus on the 'metaverse', which it says is the future it wants to build.

The metaverse, according to the company, will be a social, 3D virtual space where people can share immersive experiences with others.

Facebook filed to trademark the Meta name on October 28.

Neither company has yet been granted the trademark, which doesn't stop other companies from using the name if they're in a different industry.

However, given the technology crossover between the two, it remains to be seen whether both would be able to use the name.

The lack of certainty over a potential rebranding hasn't stopped Meta PC from having a bit of fun.

After Facebook's announcement saw their social media audience soar, founder Schutt took to Twitter to post a video announcing it was changing its name to Facebook. 

"Damn Zuck. Just tell us you want to makeout already," another tweet from the company said.

"With the Facebook announcement coming as a shock to us, we figured we'd have some fun with it on our social channels," Schutt told Business Insider.

According to TMZ, Schutt and Darger said they'd be willing to withdraw their trademark request if Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg paid them US$20 million (NZ$28 million), but Business Insider said it wasn't able to confirm that with Schutt.