Vodafone TV shutting down in New Zealand due to 'changing content landscape'

VodafoneTV shutting down
Customers will continue to be able to use the box until September next year. Photo credit: Vodafone

Vodafone has announced its New Zealand TV system is shutting down in September of next year.

The VodafoneTV streaming box plugs into televisions and gives users access to free-to-air channels, streaming services and selected Sky subscription packages using their fibre internet connection.

It also offers three-day rewind for live television as well as 500 hours of cloud recording.

In an email sent to customers, Vodafone said the closure was due to the "changing content landscape".

"Four years ago, we set out to create a powerful entertainment solution with your favourite apps and content all in one place at an affordable price," the company wrote.

"VodafoneTV has brought entertainment to so many homes over these years. However due to the changing content landscape, VodafoneTV will close on September 30, 2022."

A company spokesperson said VodafoneTV hadn’t reach the customer numbers or scale that it hoped it would, and had been operating at a loss.

"We would rather invest into areas like customer service, network and ICT to provide customers with great connectivity and digital services, instead of continuing to run VodafoneTV as a loss making service," the spokeperson said.

The company says VodafoneTV will continue to work as it does now until it closes and it will communicate more with customers regarding the change over the next few months.

In a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on its website, the company recommends users recycle their VodafoneTV via the company's recycling programme and will provide a pre-paid postage bag for customers to do so.

It also said that some users may be entitled to a refund if they purchased their box from a retail store, with that process due to start in March or April next year.

All customers who are eligible for refunds will be contacted directly, with Vodafone paying the refund rather than the store it was bought from.

Anyone using the box to access Sky TV's subscription channels without a satellite dish will be transitioned directly to the satellite TV provider.

"We're working closely with Sky to move your subscription directly to them. This transition will begin in February 2022," Vodafone said.

"As part of our and Sky's commitment to you, when your subscription moves, you'll be able to get the same channels at the same price."

Sky will contact customers to help them find a product that works best for them, which will include the satellite TV company's new internet-connected Sky Box set to launch in the middle of 2022.