New Wordle knock-off Lewdle gives players a chance to use rude words

"We want the game to be dirty without actually being offensive to anyone."
"We want the game to be dirty without actually being offensive to anyone." Photo credit: Lewdle / Wordle

The word game that's taken the internet by storm in 2022 has inspired a number of knock-offs hoping to capitalise on its fame, with one taking a dirtier route than others.

Lewdle, created by screenwriter and author Gary Whitta, is played exactly the same as Wordle, but with only naughty words as the answer.

Wordle was made by former Reddit engineer Josh Wardle for his puzzle-loving partner. It has expanded from just 90 players in November to millions today, with many sharing results on their social media accounts.

To win both Wordle and Lewdle players have up to six guesses to identify the secret five-letter word, with colour-coded clues given when letters are guessed correctly.

"You all like Wordle, right? The only problem is that when you type in naughty words it's never the right answer," Whitta posted on Twitter.

"Well all that ends now. Relief is here at last in the form of Lewdle, the totally free browser-based Wordle knockoff that only uses lewd words."

Users who solve the puzzle are able to share their results on social media in the same way as Wordle, but with an extra message.

"Don't be a $⋕*! and go play the real Wordle here," the tweet says, linking to the original game. The Lewdle website also links to the Wordle website.

Despite offering those with dirty minds and mouths a new way to show their vocabulary, Lewdle is careful about which words are allowed.

"While we have a very robust dictionary of naughty words that we're constantly adding to, we don't include slurs. So words like b***h, w***e, etc are out," Whitta said.

"We want the game to be dirty without actually being offensive to anyone."

The game even offers up a way for those who have led "uncorrupted lives of innocence and correctness" to learn something - you can get a definition of the word of the day with a single click.

"I know many people regretted doing that today, but still," Whitta said.

Apple took action last week to remove knock-offs of Wordle from its App Store after a developer bragged on the internet about how much money they were going to make from it.

There are currently no apps for either Wordle or Lewdle, with the websites the only place to play the once-per-day game.