NZ-made e-motorbike the Streetdog taking New Zealand EV market by storm

E-scooters may have been the craze of 2021 but new year, new trend. Now, e-motorbikes seem to be the craze for 2022.

Wellington company FTN Motion is looking to take on the world with its emissions-friendly motorbike the Streetdog taking the New Zealand EV market by storm. 

Kendall Bristow, one of the brains behind the design, hopes the Streetdog encourages more Kiwis to change the way they travel. 

"We wanted to buy one and we couldn't see anything in the market that looked cool or what we wanted, so we thought we'll just make our own one."

And the demand is there. The first releases of its e-motorbike sold out in days and the waiting list for future bikes is in the hundreds. 

Globally, interest is also there with the 2020s e-motorbike and scooter market valued at $44 billion.

"Looking at launching into Europe later this year," Bristow said.

The Streetdog can go for 100 kilometres before needing a recharge and is technically classified as a moped.  

But the Streetdog isn't made for a trip around the country, only reaching up to 50 km/h.

Priced at just under $8000, some Wellingtonians like the look. 

"It's gorgeous! It's still got that classic look and it's electric! I love that!" one told Newshub. 

A good low-emissions idea, soon to hit a street near you.