Donald Trump's Truth Social faces legal threat over logo similarity

Truth Social screenshots
A UK company is considering action against the former US President's company. Photo credit: Supplied / Apple App Store / Truth Social

Donald Trump's new social media platform may have leapt straight to the top of the App Store charts in the US, but its new logo might be causing it in legal difficulties.

Twitter users were quick to point out the resemblance between the 'T' logo of Truth Social with that of British solar trucking firm Trailar.

"One of these is the icon for Trump's 'Truth Social' site, the other is the icon for a British 'Fleet Telematics & Fuel Efficiency' company that has used it since at least 2019," one wrote.

Trailar retweeted that, adding in their own thoughts.

"Great to see Donald Trump supporting a growing sustainability business! Maybe ask next time?" it wrote.

"Aldi UK - don't happen to have the number for your legal team on you?" it continued, alongside a winking emoji.

That's presumably a reference to the supermarket's legal battle with Marks & Spencer over its Cuthbert the Caterpillar cakes.

Matthew Summers, head of marketing at Trailar, has told multiple news outlets the company was considering taking legal action because of the similarity in logos.

"We are now seeking legal advice to understand next steps and options available to protect our brand," the company said.

"Trailer has no affiliation or connection with the Truth Social network site, with our business firmly focused on decarbonising global transport through the use of solar and data driven technologies."

Reuters reported the Truth Social app had been downloaded over 170,000 times since its launch and currently has a 4.1 star rating from over 11,000 reviews. However not all of them should be taken seriously.

One, referring to himself as 'ImpartialReviewGuy', wrote in a style familiar to anyone that's followed the former US President and reality television show host.

"This application, which many say is the best application ever written, is going to disrupt social media, big league. You won't believe how great this app is," they write.

"This application's perhaps best feature is the big beautiful firewall. The firewall keeps out the viruses and communists. There is a big beautiful door, right in the middle, that lets in approved traffic, legally.

"It keeps out all the riffraff and the illegal traffic. We're going to make the internet great again!"

Truth Social is only available in the US currently, with CEO Devin Nunes saying it should be "fully operational" by the end of March.