Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 to include internal S Pen storage - report

The company reportedly sold eight million foldable phones last year.
The company reportedly sold eight million foldable phones last year. Photo credit: Newshub

Samsung is reportedly extending a new feature from its top-end S22 model to its latest top-end foldable mobile phone later in the year.

According to website TheElec, the Korean tech giant is going to build its S Pen stylus into the next Galaxy Z Fold phone, which will presumably be called the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

The Fold 3 was launched in Aotearoa last August, but there was no room onboard for the S Pen and hence secondary storage was necessary to carry it with the phone. The company's official case for protecting the phone and storying the S Pen wasn't particularly well received because of its size and how loose it was.

Now the S22 Ultra is set to take over the mantle of the Galaxy Note model with space for the stylus to be stored in the main body of the phone, and the next Fold will do the same, the report said.

In Newshub's review last year neither the case or stylus was available, but previous experience showed it would "serve to make the phone even easier and better to use as a multi-function device".

"The Z Fold series, which sold less than the Galaxy Z Flip 3 last year, is expected to use the S Pen as its main selling point this year," TheElec said.

The website also reported the displays of the Fold 4 would be nearly identical to that of the Fold 3: Just 0.01 inches bigger at 7.56 inches, with the external screen 0.01 inches smaller at 6.19 inches.

The Flip 4, which should be unveiled at the same time as the Fold 4, is also getting minor display changes. The outer display is growing slightly to 1.9 inches, but the inner display will stay the same at 6.7 inches.

According to TheElec, there were a combined eight million foldable phones sold by Samsung in 2021, three times the number in the previous year.

The target for the next iteration of foldable phones is a combined 13 million units, the report said.