Ukraine asks Twitter to tell Russia exactly what the world thinks of it

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has raised questions about cyberwarfare, hacking, international sanctions and more - and now an official national Twitter account has joined the fray.

Ukraine's verified account tagged Russia's, asking users to let the country know what they think of it amid the violence.

In another tweet, Ukraine also demanded Twitter remove Russia's account .

"Hey people, let's demand Twitter remove Russia from here," it wrote.

"No place for an aggressor like Russia on Western social media platforms. They should not be allowed to use these platforms to promote their image while brutally killing the Ukrainian people."

Twitter users have responded in big numbers, with Ukraine's original post retweeted 12,500 times and quote tweeted nearly 30,000 times.

It's drawn responses from the likes of the Auschwitz Memorial Museum as well as memes galore.

The official Auschwitz account said it hoped the "act of barbarity" would be "judged by history, and its perpetrators, it is to be hoped, also by the International Court of Justice".

"As we stand at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial, it is impossible to remain silent while, once again, innocent people are being killed purely because of insane pseudo-imperial megalomania," it wrote.

"We express our absolute solidarity with the citizens and residents of the free, independent, and sovereign Ukraine and with all Russians who have the courage to oppose this war."

One user suggested that Ukraine should send a tweet to Russia saying "Invade us if you're gay", a reference to poor record of rights for LGBTQI people.

Others have made direct references to former Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, drawing his trademark moustache on to pictures of Putin and sending clips of Charlie Chaplin's iconic The Great Dictator movie to Russia.

Even Borat was memed to give his thoughts, with a still from the first movie altered to say "This is my neighbour Russia. He's a pain in my assholes."

Others were more poignant, one posting a picture of a man wearing a Ukraine flag and a woman wearing a Russian flag sharing an embrace.