Maserati making electric versions of iconic vehicles, ditching petrol by 2030

CEO Davide Grasso said it was a "defining moment" for the luxury brand.
CEO Davide Grasso said it was a "defining moment" for the luxury brand. Photo credit: Supplied / Maserati

Italian luxury car maker Maserati has announced plans to offer electric versions of its entire car range by 2025, with a target of going fully electric by 2030.

The first of the electrification line will be a GranTurismo EV, the 'Folgore', expected to be released in 2023.

The Folgore is expected to have a top speed of over 300km/h and will hit 100km/h from a standing start in well under three seconds. It'll have "way over" 1200 horsepower, the company said.

A new design, the Grecale SUV, and the Grancabrio GT will be next, with the MC20 Spyder, Levant SUV and Quattroporte sedan to follow afterwards.

Prices for the new cars have yet to be revealed, but the non-electric Quattroporte currently starts at $210,000 in Aotearoa.

Maserati CEO Davide Grasso told a press conference that the 2030 plan to phase out internal combustion engines (ICE) was dependent on individual markets and customer demands, but was a "defining moment" for the brand.

"That's the landing spot. It will affect different parts of the world with a different type of speed, depending on how fast the different markets will move towards a future of electrification, which is already upon us."

The GranTurismo sports coupe will be produced at Maserati's factory in Turin, Italy which has had over NZ$1.1 billion spent on it to bring it up to EV standard.

The brand new model, the Grecale SUV, will be unveiled later this month, with an expected release of 2023.

The Grecale will be "a benchmark in terms of range, performance, acceleration, charging time and top speed", global head of product planning Francesco Tonon said.

However the company won't be following some other luxury car makers in adding engine sounds to the silent electric car to make up for the lack of ICE.

"The Maserati sound is not fake because we are about authenticity," he said.

The company is also working on autonomous driving for the updated Quattroporte. They are targeting the ability for the vehicle to self-pilot without human supervision on certain roads.