What new products to expect from Apple's 'Peek Performance' event on Wednesday

An Apple iPhone
It's widely expected a new iPhone SE will be launched - but that's not all. Photo credit: Getty Images

Rumours of what to expect during Apple's first product launch of the year, 'Peek Performance', are ramping up ahead of the virtual event.

Respected analyst Ming Chi Kuo provided further details he anticipates from the new iPhone SE, a product widely expected to be announced at the event, which is scheduled for Wednesday morning (NZ time).

Kuo said he expected Apple would ship between 25 and 30 million of the new iPhone this year, which will have a similar form to the current SE.

He said storage would start at 64GB, with options at 128GB and 256GB too, along with white, black and red colourways. 

It would contain Apple's A15 chip as well as 5G support, Kuo said.

Kuo said he expected a more powerful Mac Mini to be launched this year as well as a new 27-inch monitor, although he didn't specify whether those would be seen at Peek Performance.

Mark Gurman, who writes the popular Power On newsletter for Bloomberg, agrees the new iPhone SE should be expected to be revealed.

He also believes a new iPad Air is likely to be released.

The last version of the Air was launched in 2020 and was redesigned to look more like the iPad Pro, with flatter edges and Apple Pencil 2 support.

The new Mini, which launched last year, has a faster processor as well as 5G connectivity, so it would be no surprise to see Apple's A15 chip and 5G in the new iPad too, Gurman said.

The event could also see the launch of "at least one new Mac with Apple Silicon", which could be the new Mac Mini, 13-inch Macbook Pros or iMacs, all of which are due in 2022 - a "wild card" may also make its debut.

"This could range from the announcement of a next-generation monitor to the iMac Pro or new, smaller Mac Pro," Gurman said.

Given the name 'Peek Performance' rather than 'Peak', that might indicate the Cupertino-based company may choose to unveil its monitor this week.

"I'm told Apple actually completed work on it months ago, and the device was due to launch soon after last year's MacBook Pro.

"Apple's last in-house monitor came in 2019 alongside the Intel Mac Pro. A monitor would also explain the 'peek' spelling," Gurman wrote.

"I don't believe the new iMac Pro or Mac Pro are ready to go on sale imminently, but perhaps Apple wants to preview at least one of those machines ahead of a release a little later this year."

Gurman also agreed with Kuo that more was to come from Apple this year, including new iPhones, three new Apple Watches and more Macs - with the potential for a preview of its augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) headset towards the end of 2021.

Newshub Technology will bring you news from Apple's 'Peek Performance' event on Wednesday. The event is scheduled from 6am to 8am New Zealand time.