Young entrepreneur filming high definition videos from the edge of space

A young entrepreneur is taking virtual reality to new heights.

Mekdim Tesfaye and his team are filming high definition videos from the edge of space.

The average person may not make it to space, so a team of entrepreneurs are bringing space to them.

"There are lots of people that would like to be able to float above the world and look down on it," says University of Canterbury's Summer Startup programme mentor Mike Coker.

Backed by this programme, they've been collecting footage from altitudes rarely seen.

Starting with flights around Banks Peninsula, now they are testing the limits of virtual reality technology.

"We knew we had to go higher and test people's reaction at higher altitudes," Tesfaye says.

Bringing the experience of outer space, within reach.

"As soon as you put the goggles on, it felt like you were standing outside the aircraft is what it felt like," Coker says.

The team want to make aerospace more accessible.

"We're trying to bridge that gap between people that can and can't have access to space by creating this virtual experience that can get you as close to that real experience as you can get," Tesfaye says.

Meaning you don't have to be Richard Branson or Jeff Bezos to get to space.

"It's an opportunity to be an astronaut or Superman flying through the sky," Coker adds.

And these aerospace enthusiasts are looking even further afield.

"Some of the really exciting projects include capturing aurora borealis down south and the snowy mountains during winter along the alps," Tesfaye says.

The sky's the limit for Tesfaye and his team.

"The ultimate goal is to livestream from space, from orbit."

To infinity and beyond.