Tesla workers in Shanghai to sleep on factory floor due to COVID-19 lockdown

Tesla's factory in Shanghai, China
Spaces will be allocated for showering and entertainment but aren't yet complete. Photo credit: Getty Images

A new report said Tesla workers at the company's Shanghai factory will be forced to sleep there after it restarted working in a 'closed-loop' system.

Bloomberg reported Elon Musk's electric vehicle company has restarted manufacturing after being forced to shut down due to spiking COVID-19 infections in the city.

Officials there have been encouraging companies to avoid the strict lockdown conditions by using a 'closed-loop', where everyone lives at the factory full-time.

A memo seen by Bloomberg said each employee would be provided with a sleeping bag and mattress and would be required to sleep on the floor as there is no proper on-site accommodation.

Spaces will be allocated for showering and entertainment, the memo said, noting that neither had yet been completed.

Workers will also get three meals a day and an allowance of up to NZ$92 depending on their position at the factory.

The factory can produce around 2000 cars per day, although the lack of inventory and logistical issues caused by the pandemic means those numbers won't be produced immediately.

Staff are being asked to work 12 hours a day, six days a week with a day off, the news organisation reported.

All employees will have to be tested daily for the first three days and have their temperature taken twice per day. They will also be required to wash their hands four times a day.

Companies who wanted to start operations again had to submit plans to the local health authorities on how they would prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

The current crop of workers are expected to be living on site until May 1, according to reports.

There have already been stories among banking and investment companies in Shanghai of employees using sleeping bags and cots to sleep at their desks to avoid lockdown issues.