MG offering subsidised EV chargers for accommodation providers in New Zealand

An EV charging port
Up to four chargers, worth in excess of $8000, can be had for a one-off fee. Photo credit: Supplied / MG

Kiwis thinking about investing in an electric vehicle (EV) could have access to more places to charge up - if car company MG gets its way.

In a survey this week it was revealed that almost half of prospective car buyers in Aotearoa wanted an electric vehicle.

Along with the cost, 'range anxiety' remains a concern for new buyers - even with only 21 percent of EV drivers charging their car every day. 

Now MG is hoping to boost the adoption of EVs in Aotearoa, as well as boost local tourism, by offering 3000 heavily subsidised chargers to regional accommodation providers nationwide.

The ChargeHub subsidy programme builds on MG's vision of 'Electric for Everyone'. It is compatible with all Type-2 port-equipped EVs, including the company's own cars. There are two versions available, both of which are wall-mounted.

MG's 7kW ChargeHub can recharge a typical EV battery in a quarter of the time it takes with the typical emergency cable supplied with your car, the company said.

The 11kW unit is suitable for three-phase power-equipped homes and businesses. 

"MG firmly believes a customer should be able to travel to the same location in an Electric Vehicle as they can in a petrol-powered car," said MG Motor Australia and New Zealand CEO, Peter Ciao. 

"Our goal is to reduce an EV owner's range anxiety on long trips, lower vehicle emissions and increase greener ways to travel. 

"The hotel subsidy programme is MG's way of contributing to making EV normal." 

Typically costing $2090 for the 7kW single-phase charger or $2290 for the larger 11kW three-phase unit, successful operators will be provided with up to four chargers for a one-off administration fee of just $330, MG said.

Applications are open and can be made through the MG Electric website in Aotearoa.