Sony releasing SRS-XG300, SRS-XE300 and SRS-XE200 wireless speakers in NZ this July

The new models can be connected with up to 100 other speakers for big parties.
The new models can be connected with up to 100 other speakers for big parties. Photo credit: Supplied / Sony

Kiwis looking to prepare months in advance for their summer pool parties have three new Sony wireless speakers to choose from to provide the tunes.

The new additions to the Japanese giant's X-Series range will join the popular Ultimate Ears (UE) and JBL offerings already available in Aotearoa.

The new speakers, only available in black, will be available here from July and range from $299.95 for the cheapest up to $519.95 for the top of the range SRS-XG300.

All three models are IP67 rated, which means they should be safe to use around a pool or at the beach. While not exactly waterproof, they should survive being dropped into shallow water for a brief period of time.

The battery life on all three should be enough to get even party-happy people through until the dawn: the SRS-XG300 offers up to 25 hours of play, the mid-range SRS-XE300 offers 24 hours of play, while the SRS-XE200 offers 16 hours before needing rejuiced.

All three speakers feature Quick Charging, offering up to 70 minutes of play from a 10 minute charge.

Sony's X Balanced Speaker Unit and Dual Passive Radiators in all three new models are designed to offer a big sound with punchy bass with less distortion, the company said.

The top-end SRS-XG300 should deliver deep, club-like bass and clear high frequency audio thanks to Mega Bass and Tweeters. It also has Live Soundi in order to recreate the atmosphere of live concerts.

There's also some added colour with the ability to synchronise the built-in lighting to the beat of the music.

The SRS-XE300, costing $399.95, and the SRS-XE200, both come with Sony's Line-Shape Diffuser technology, designed to distribute sound evenly.

The devices can be used for phonecalls and video meetings, too. All three models also offer Echo Cancelling, allowing two people to talk at the same time without cutting either of them off. The lower and mid-range models also offer a mute function with a quick press of the Mic button.

For those requiring a much bigger sound, the new range comes with Party Connect, which allows them to be connected to up to another 100 compatible wireless speakers via Bluetooth.