Sex toys and instructional videos head to the Metaverse with new Lovehoney pop-up

Decentraland, where the Lovehoney pop-up is
The space also contains a dance floor and an erotic art NFT auction. Photo credit: Getty Images

Lovehoney, the online sex toy and lingerie store, has announced its step into the Metaverse ahead of its 20th birthday.

The company, whose tagline is the "sexual happiness of people", said it was opening the world's first sexual wellness pop-up space in Decentraland until the end of July.

In Decentraland anyone can buy and sell digital real estate, while exploring, playing games and interacting with other users in a virtual world.

Lovehoney's space spans four floors and contains educational videos, workshops, a dance floor and an erotic NFT art exhibition and auction.

Decentraland can be entered with most computers and doesn't require extra equipment, like VR goggles, so it is easily usable and accessible for a broad audience that may have shied away from the technology so far.

The Metaverse also offers an anonymous place for people to explore sexual wellness products and content around the topic of sexuality.

Bryony Cole, Lovehoney’s global sextech expert said the Metaverse allows users to immerse themselves rather than feeling like a separate viewer.

"People naturally look at entertainment as the only possibility for sextech, but there is also a great potential for sex education, sexual happiness and sexual health support in the Metaverse," Cole said.

"Plus, the combined anonymity and intimacy of this platform, allows people to engage with this topic further, where they perhaps don’t feel comfortable in real life, allowing more people to educate."

The company said the wellbeing and protection of visitors was "the highest priority" and had put steps in place in the Metaverse to do so. 

Bee, Lovehoney's own security avatar, will greet visitors at the front door with information on how they can report inappropriate behaviour and block anyone who is making them feel uncomfortable while they visit.

By clicking on the other person's avatar users can easily block the other person, and by pressing a single key on their keyboards can be moved to a random area of the Lovehoney store.

On the ground floor, visitors can browse the company's bestsellers and purchase them by being forwarded to the online shop.

The Lovehoney Lessons area on the second floor offers a place to kick back, relax and watch integrated, educational videos from a global expert panel.

The third floor contains the art gallery, with all proceeds of NFT sales going to the artists themselves, the company said.

The rooftop club will be playing music all day and night, showcasing the new range of toys that harnesses music-activation technology to vibrate in time to sound.